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BristolCon Programme

BristolCon 2021 Programme

Pre-con bookings for workshops / kaffeeklatsches / small group sessions will be limited to five people (out of normally 18) per session and three sessions per person. To put your name down for a place on one of the workshops please email

At-con bookings will open at 9am.

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Published: 25/10/2021 00:31:38

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Time Description
09:45 Room Closed
09:50 Room Closed

Workshop with J.Dianne Dotson  hosted by J. Dianne Dotson

How to engage social media in authentic and productive ways

10:50 Room Closed

Workshop with Celine Terranova  hosted by Céline Terranova

Do you struggle to write on a regular basis? Do you feel discouraged when you’re working on a long project? This is the workshop for you! We’ll talk about building a writing habit that works for you, facing the most common obstacles as a writer, and how to continue writing even when you don’t feel like it.

11:50 Room Closed
12:00 Room Closed
12:50 Room Closed

Kaffeeklatsch with Gareth L Powell  hosted by Gareth L. Powell

An opportunity for casual chat with local bestselling author Gareth L Powell

13:50 Room Closed
14:00 Room Closed
14:50 Room Closed

Workshop with Jasper Fforde  hosted by Jasper Fforde

Do you see your flagging/non career as perceived failure? It isn’t. We write for ourselves; the ££££ can only ever be icing. Are there any useful tools we can discover/discuss about internal versus external self validation when it comes to our art form? 

15:50 Room Closed

Workshop with Rexx Deane  hosted by Rexx Deane

An introduction to RPGs for those who have always been curious but don’t really know what they are or how to play them.

16:50 Room Closed

Workshop with Zoe Burgess-Foreman  hosted by Zoe

Representation in SF / Fantasy / Horror and Anime 

17:50 Room Closed
18:00 Room Closed
18:50 Room Closed
19:00 Room Closed
20:00 Room Closed