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Pre-con bookings for workshops / kaffeeklatsches / small group sessions will be limited to five people (out of normally 18) per session and three sessions per person. To put your name down for a place on one of the workshops please email

At-con bookings will open at 9am.

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Published: 25/10/2021 00:31:38

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Time Description
09:45 Welcome Ceremony with Bav
09:50 Reading: Jaine Fenn

Time (Travel) And Punishment 

Writers like Jo Walton, Paul Cornell, Pat Cadigan, Alastair Reynolds, and many others have sometimes set crime plots in fantasy or science fiction settings. Does this mixture improve or diminish the individual genres? How do magic and advanced science affect the constraints of the murder mystery template?

Jaine Fenn, Jonathan L. Howard, Jason Whittle, Roz Clarke , Chrissey Harrison (M)

10:50 Reading: Rosie Oliver

Let’s Make Geography Matter Again 

Geography has been a key driver in human development, the real engine of the plot of human history.  Yet in map after map the realities of geography are ignored as rivers mountains and forests deport themselves at the plot’s convenience.  How can fantasists use the geology, topology and socioeconomic influences geography offers? 

Juliet E McKenna, Rosie Oliver, J. Dianne Dotson, Tej Turner , Bav (M)

11:50 Reading: Alicia Wanstall-Burke

I’d vote for that! 

In the messed up worlds of superheroes, super villains, and space captains what is the state of local Government. When and how do elections happen if constituencies are parsecs apart?  Who votes for the President of the Federation and who counts the votes? Our panel tries to formulate a plan for democracy in a science fictional world.

Joanne Hall, Ben Jeapes, Steve McHugh, Alicia Wanstall-Burke , Bav (M)

12:50 Reading: Kevlin Henney

We’ve been ret-conned again! 

Does the body of work always belong to the author, or can it be removed from them and become a readership property? From film directors issuing recuts, reworkings, removing originals from print, to the issues of author bigotry the panel discusses who truly owns a work of fiction once it’s been published and who controls it’s authority

Cheryl Morgan, S. Naomi Scott, R B (Rosa) Watkinson, Justin Lee Anderson , Kevlin Henney (M)

13:50 Room Closed
14:00 Room Closed
14:50 Room Closed
15:00 Podcast recording with Gareth L Powell & J. Dianne Dotson

We’re a pair of science fiction writers from opposite sides of the Atlantic who met and fell in love on Twitter. Gareth and Dianne’s Sci-fi Roadshow is our new podcast in which we talk about the science fiction books and movies we enjoy and the places we visit. Come and join us on our nerdy adventures!
15:50 Reading: Allen Stroud

Storytelling in Games 

Some of the best genre storytelling is being done in console games. What are the challenges of getting your story over in a non-linear format? How do you cope with the idea that many players may not even see the end of your story?

Jonathan L. Howard, S. Naomi Scott, Stark Holborn, Allen Stroud , Peter Sutton (M)

16:50 Reading: Gareth L. Powell

How Well Does Science Fiction Predict the Future? 

What does this century’s science fiction say about our future? How realistic do we think these predictions are for the near future? What about the longer term future? How does science fiction help us with our future?

Gareth L. Powell, Nik Whitehead, Kevlin Henney, Hannah Little , Rosie Oliver (M)

17:50 Reading: Susie Williamson

For The Empire 

The real-world idea of Empire has been through a substantial re-evaluation in recent decades. Has this carried over to SFF? Are our stories of Galactic Empires or fantasy despots tackling colonialism and exploitation? Should they?  

Adrian Tchaikovsky, Jaine Fenn, Susie Williamson, Kevlin Henney , David Cartwright (M)

18:50 Room Closed
19:00 Room Closed
20:00 Room Closed