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BristolCon 2021 Programme
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Pre-con bookings for workshops / kaffeeklatsches / small group sessions will be limited to five people (out of normally 18) per session and three sessions per person. To put your name down for a place on one of the workshops please email

At-con bookings will open at 9am.

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Published: 25/10/2021 00:31:38

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Time Description
09:45 Welcome Ceremony with MEG
09:50 Reading: Graham Austin-King

Quest Motivation 

There’s always a compelling reason for that quest: save the village, rescue the prince, defeat the evil bunnies. What if our hero(ine) just fancied an adventure? We ask the panel for examples of quest motivations in literature and maybe come up with some of their own whims

Graham Austin-King, A. M. Blaushild, Kit Mallory, David Green , Joel Cornah (M)

10:50 Reading: Adrian Tchaikovsky
11:00 Guest of Honour: Adrian Tchaikovsky interviewed by Gareth L. Powell
11:50 Reading: Peter Sutton

New Weird Britain 

In recent years there has been a surge of reawakened interest in our folklore, traditions, landscape and prehistory, from fanzines and podcasts to radio programmes and heavily illustrated glossy coffee table books.  Where has this come from? What opportunities does it offer to genre practitioners?

Chrissey Harrison, Peter Sutton, J E Hannaford, Ken Shinn , Nik Whitehead (M)

12:50 Reading: David Cartwright

Love As A Positive Force 

Love is an underrepresented emotion in the genre, yet it can be one of the greatest motivators in our lives. How can different types of love be represented in F&SF? How can you use love as a plot driver without relying on the usual murdering of a loved one and odyssey of revenge?

Anna Smith Spark, Jasper Fforde, David Cartwright, Zoe , Céline Terranova (M)

13:50 Room Closed
14:00 The Rediscovery of Elinor Mordaunt: Handheld Press

Bath-based Handheld Press publishes 6 or 7 books a year, and half of these are new editions of classic supernatural and/or Weird short fiction and novels. Come to hear about their rediscovery of Elinor Mordaunt, with handmade nibbles and a glass of something.
14:50 Reading: Anna Smith Spark
15:00 Guest of Honour: Anna Smith Spark interviewed by Beth / E.M. Faulds
15:50 Reading: Kate Macdonald

Why is there no democracy in epic fantasy? 

The genre is still in thrall to the lure of kings and queens and dynastic power, let alone the Chosen One who’s just plain better than you. Where is the voice of the people and the emergence of democracy?

Adrian Tchaikovsky, Juliet E McKenna, Kate Macdonald, Justin Lee Anderson , Cheryl Morgan (M)

16:50 Reading: Steve McHugh

Be Careful What You Wish For 

In the world of sitcoms and TV shows, viewers often complain when they get what they want – the Niles Crane syndrome. Is this true for Science Fiction and Fantasy? Does our interest end once the struggle is concluded, the dragon is slain and the true king crowned? What happens next?

Joanne Hall, Steve McHugh, Alicia Wanstall-Burke, Ken Shinn , David Green (M)

17:50 Reading: Joel Cornah

Author Promote Thyself 

In a world of social media, free posting, in the flesh conventions (we hope) and the buzz of good reviews, how does an author with or without representation go about promoting themselves, their work, and their ideas?

Joel Cornah, R B (Rosa) Watkinson, Jason Whittle, J. Dianne Dotson , Chrissey Harrison (M)

18:50 Reading: Stark Holborn

Are the Hotels All Inclusive? 

The greatest fantasy of all – going on holiday. A panel of fantasy authors become travel agents and explain to the audience why taking a holiday in the world they’ve created would be a great idea.

Anna Smith Spark, Jasper Fforde, J E Hannaford, Catriona Silvey , Stark Holborn (M)

20:00 Closing Ceremony
MEG presents the End Of Con finale