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COVID-19 Statement

As of 01/09/2021 BristolCon has the following COVID-19 Policy. 

The committee has reviewed the latest government advice and put in place the following guidelines:

BristolCon will provide bookplates, should authors wish to use them, to facilitate limited contact at signings.

The Committee is working with the hotel to ensure good spacing in rooms to allow for social distancing. A second room is being repurposed to enable people to remotely watch the primary panel room.

Hand sanitising stations are in place throughout the hotel. BristolCon also has its own supply of liquid sanitiser. 

Although we recognise that not everyone can wear a mask, face coverings are encouraged in crowded areas and when moving between panels. We will have a small supply of masks for anyone who damages, loses, or forgets their mask on the day. Sunflower lanyards will be treated with respect.

The hotel has COVID-19 app check-in facilities for people attending the event. BristolCon will also have QR codes near to the member registration areas.

BristolCon remains committed to being a safe and friendly convention. We missed you all in 2020 and would love to see you this year, but please do not attend if you think you have symptoms of COVID-19. Follow Government advice and stay safe. 

Further resources:

If you wish to take a rapid lateral flow test before attending you can get them sent to you via this link

If you wish to get vaccinated and need advice, please use this link

If you wish to review the current Government advice you can do so using this link

We look forward to seeing you all in October 

BristolCon Committee