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2019 – Workshop / Kaffeeklatsch / Small Group Session – 2

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Small group sessions, introduced at BristolCon in 2014, have been a great success and will be a fixed feature of the programme for the foreseeable future! Come along to one of our informal workshops or discussions and get the hands-on BristolCon experience.

A kaffeeklatsch is a great chance to get up close and personal with your favourite authors, or with people who work in the publishing industry, and ask them questions in a small group.

Places are strictly limited to 18 people except for Biology for Authors by Dr Bob, which is limited to 12. If you would like to book a place, please email us at programme [at] Five places in each session will be available to book in advance (four for the art session – Silk Painting), and the rest will be kept back for people to sign up at the convention.


Edit like an Editor at 15:00 workshop pre-registration now full. 

If pre-booking fills up we will put a note on this page. You’ll still have a chance to put your name down, but you may need to get to the convention early. At-con booking will open at 9:00am in the Registration area but away from the actual registration desks, until the registration function is moved to the committee table later in the day (the committee will be located in the convention first floor lobby). Booking will be on a first-come-first-served basis. We will only take a pre-booking for three sessions per person, but we will take your name for any additional session(s) and add you to the session if it doesn’t fill up. Please check at the Registration Area and later on the  Committee Table throughout the day for updates.

The sessions will take place in the Raptor Penn on the reception floor at the far end of the corridor leading past the Programme Room 1 (Jurassic Park Lane) and the Art Room. 

Time Description
10:00 Making a Career out of Writing with  Vicky Brewster


A workshop about the many different avenues that offer opportunities for development and financial support in the writing and book industries. People often think quite narrowly when they think about a writing career, and this workshop aims to broaden that view, as well as giving tips for how to get started in some of these industries.

11:00 Inspirational Session with  Rexx Deane


A session based on unexplored models of the universe, ideas present in science that often get overlooked and can provide great inspiration for scoff and fantasy stories, including the: non-existence of time; conservation of energy leading to the universe being infinitely old; the nature of space being flat (and therefore geometrically infinite); and causality.

12:00 How to Finish Writing your Book with Celine Terranova


A group session for writers who want tips on how to finish writing their books, how to find enough time to write, how to stay motivated all along, build a routine… Her book, The Part-Time Artist is all about that. Many people want to write a book, but they often lose motivation or feel like their idea is not good enough – this is a ‘pep talk for writers’.

13:00 Kaffeeklatsch – meet our Guest of Honour, Diane Duane
15:00 Edit like an Editor with Vicky Brewster


This small group session will look at writing from the reader’s perspective and encourages writers to edit their novel to give the best reader experience they can give. Vicky will be giving examples of common errors that make her twitch as a reader and an editor, but are often overlooked by writers, and there will be a group discussion on what makes readers put down a book or keep reading.

16:00 Kaffeeklatsch – meet Jonathan L Howard
17:00 Kaffeeklatsch – meet our Guest of Honour, Gareth L Powell
18:00 Kaffeeklatsch – meet G. V. Anderson