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2019 – Workshop / Kaffeeklatsch / Small Group Session – 1

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Small group sessions, introduced at BristolCon in 2014, have been a great success and will be a fixed feature of the programme for the foreseeable future! Come along to one of our informal workshops or discussions and get the hands-on BristolCon experience.

A kaffeeklatsch is a great chance to get up close and personal with your favourite authors, or with people who work in the publishing industry, and ask them questions in a small group.

Places are strictly limited to 18 people except for Biology for Authors by Dr Bob, which is limited to 12. If you would like to book a place, please email us at programme [at] Five places in each session will be available to book in advance (four for the art session – Silk Painting), and the rest will be kept back for people to sign up at the convention.


If pre-booking fills up we will put a note on this page. You’ll still have a chance to put your name down, but you may need to get to the convention early. At-con booking will open at 9:00am in the Registration area but away from the actual registration desks, until the registration function is moved to the committee table later in the day (the committee will be located in the convention first floor lobby). Booking will be on a first-come-first-served basis. We will only take a pre-booking for three sessions per person, but we will take your name for any additional session(s) and add you to the session if it doesn’t fill up. Please check at the Registration Area and later on the  Committee Table throughout the day for updates.

The sessions will take place in the Cabot’s Cove on the ground floor just past registration

Time Description
10:00 Story-Telling for Writers with  Helen Claire Gould


This covers structural techniques that writers can use in their work, and includes a PowerPoint and a short writing exercise. Helen runs writers’ and self-publishers’ workshops on a regular basis.

11:00 Demons in Anime and Manga with Sarah Ash


A presentation with reference to current anime series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yamba

12:00 The Benefits of Collaborating in a Writing Community with Damian Larkin & Lee Conley


Using the British and Irish Community as an example, they open by detailing their journey so far, how they increased participation and the role social media played in the process. They then open up for questions and discussion about the wider role collaboration can have in promotion and marketing. They go on to the support one writer can offer another – especially in the self-publishing landscape where writers have to be ‘lacks of all trades’ – and often lack the confidence to be all those things. Writing can be a lonely business – but it doesn’t need to be. There philosophy is that writers are not competitors – they should be partners.

13:00 The Forest of Forking Paths: Choose your own Adventure Workshop with Heather Child


This is a writing event in which the whole group conjures up decisions and outcomes, chaining them together to create a huge story of multiple pathways. The workshop will begin by setting the scene as a group. Everyone will know how the story begins, but it will have several different endings, as each participant will write their own. It’s a workout for the imaginative muscles and a reminder not to seize on the first narrative idea that comes to mind. The workshop will be refreshing for those in the midst of a current project, and is also suitable for beginners.

15:00 Biology for Authors with Dr Bob


A guide to the laws, trends and strategies of evolution and animal behaviour, with a view to providing a toolkit for designing creatures. Emphasis on how biology influences psychology, and ways of making your alien species more that humans in animal suits. Handouts will be provided so participants don’t have to try and memorise the technical stuff. There is a promise that there will be no chemical equations.

16:00 Zoe Burgess-Foreman
A round table discussion on queer representation in fantasy and horror.
17:00 How to Interweave World Building with Story Workshop  with Anna Stephens


This is instead of info-dumping about your fictional world. What do readers need to know when, and how do we show them?

18:00 The Antikythera Mechanism with Greg Chivers


A presentation about the mysteries of the ancient Greek Computer that shouldn’t exist.