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Alastair Reynolds

Alastair Reynolds - photo by Beth GwinnI’m a science fiction writer based in Wales. I’m the author of eight novels and many short stories. I’ve been published since 1990, although I’ve been writing stories almost since I could hold a felt-tip. I spent the twelve years leading up to 2004 as a scientist within the European Space Agency, of which about half that time was spent working on S-Cam, the world’s most advanced optical camera. After spending sixteen years in the Netherlands, I returned to my native Wales in 2008.

My first published novel was Revelation Space (2000), which was shortlisted for the BSFA and Arthur C Clarke awards. My second novel, Chasm City, won the BSFA award in 2002. A number of my other novels and stories have subsequently been shortlisted for the BSFA and Clarke awards. Two independent short story collections, Zima Blue (US) and Galactic North (UK) appeared at the end of 2006. My latest book, House of Suns, appeared in the UK in April. An expanded version of the Zima Blue collection appeared in the UK in April 2009.

My next novel, Terminal World, is due for publication in October 2009. It’s a far future, steampunk-influenced planetary romance about the adventures of an exiled pathologist, and a city in need of medicine…

Coming in 2010 and beyond will be the 11K sequence, a trilogy of books dealing with the expansion of the human species into the solar system and beyond, over the next 11,000 years…

Photo by Beth Gwinn for Locus magazine.

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