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About Anna Stephens

Anna Stephens is the author of the Godblind trilogy, of which the first two volumes, Godblind and Darksoul, have now been published. The final book, Bloodchild, is slated for publication in summer 2019. Translation deals for French, German, Dutch, Polish and Czechoslovakian versions have also been agreed. A literature graduate from the Open University, Anna loves all things speculative, from books to film to TV, including classic Hammer and Universal horror films, as well as the chameleon genius of David Bowie. As a beginner in Historical European Martial Arts, with a focus on Italian longsword, and a second Dan black belt in Shotokan Karate, she’s no stranger to the feeling of being punched (or stabbed) in the face, which is more help than you would expect when writing fight scenes. Twitter: @AnnaSmithWrites Website: