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Members Attending This Year’s BristolCon

This year’s confirmed Guests of Honour are:

This is a list of confirmed Members for this year’s BristolCon*

  • A. M. Blaushild
  • Adrielle Selby
  • Alicia Wanstall-Burke
  • Aym Phoenix
  • Bav
  • Ben Jeapes
  • Chris Rumble
  • Dan
  • Dan Pawley
  • Daniel Towers
  • David Gullen
  • Dr Bob
  • Ellen Crosháin
  • Emily Hallett
  • Emma
  • G R Matthews
  • Gaie Sebold
  • Graham Austin-King
  • Helen Claire Gould
  • Ida Keogh
  • Jason Merrick
  • Jodi Quinn
  • Joel Cornah
  • Kath at Handheld Press
  • Lee C. Conley
  • Lewis P Bear
  • Martin
  • MEG
  • Mike
  • Mike Hardwick
  • Nick Larter
  • Paul L Arvidsons
  • Pete Randall
  • Peter F. Hamilton
  • Peter Hutchinson
  • Peter Sutton
  • Polli Dee
  • R B (Rosa) Watkinson
  • R.K. Lander
  • Rexx Deane
  • Rosie Oliver
  • S. Naomi Scott
  • Si the Tech Wizard
  • Sophie E Tallis - Artist
  • Square Bear
  • Steve McHugh
  • Steven Poore - Epic Fantasist
  • Tej Turner
  • Tom Clews
  • Tom Whitehead
  • Zoe Burgess-Foreman
  • *These are the registered badge names for those who have given permission for their names to appear on the website. Please allow 2-3 days for your name to appear in this list after registering.
    If your name isn’t here and you think it should be, please get in touch. We keep bios on file for everyone who has provided one and will prompt for an update each year if you’re participating in the programme.
    You can modify/remove your Bio and Photo on the Membership Portal, if you encounter any issues then please contact membership[at]bristolcon[dot]org.