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BristolCon 2018

Wow! Another year and another BristolCon has come and gone. And what a BristolCon it was.

Our lovely guests of honour were authors Joanne Hall and Dave Hutchinson, and artist Andrew Skilleter. Look at the artwork Andrew provided for our booklet covet. Isn’t is wonderful?

2018 front cover

Joanne was her sparky self, full of fun an laughter. Her workshop was talked about in the corridors (yes my ears twitched, as they do every now and then) and will be long remembered for her valuable insights into beating the dreaded slush pile. As a thank you for being guest of honour and for being chairman of the hardworking BristolCon committee, she was presented with a portrait of herself painted by the wonderful Sophie Tallis – thank you Sophie.

When it came to Dave’s guest interview, the interviewer ran out of time to ask his questions! He must have been very talkative! And very pleased that his new novel, Europe at Dawn was about to be published.

Andrew’s artwork was, well, I’m no artist, but I liked the special exhibition he put up.

Thank you one and all for being such super guests of honour.

Our feature launch this year Seven Deadly Swords by our very own Peter Sutton, published by Kristell Ink, an imprint of Grimbold Books. It’s so nice to see a local author who has helped BristolCon over the years have his novel launched like this.

BristolCons seem to grow from strength to strength with each passing Con, and 2018 was no exception. This year we had a bigger art room (with the extra frames to go with it), which meant the brick-out room moved into extra space downstairs (even if it was a tad chilly in the morning!)

Too much was going on for a blow by blow account. I can only leave you with some of the impressions others had.