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What’s On at BristolCon

2019 – Programme

Each year, the programme at BristolCon consists of two streams of panel discussions, a book launch usually in the middle of the day and a mass book signing where you can get your books signed by the participating authors. This year we have increased the small group sessions / workshop / kaffeeklatsch from the customary one stream to two streams – giving you the members an even wider choice of what to attend.

We are repeating our Open Mic event on Friday night, which will be hosted by the wonderful Bav and Simon at 8pm in Jurassic Park Lane.

Pre-con bookings for workshops / kaffeeklatsches / small group sessions will be limited to five people (out of normally 18) per session and three sessions per person. At-con bookings will open at 9am. See the relevant pages for instructions.

Please note that the programme may be subject to change.

Programme Room 1 – Jurassic Park Avenue

Programme Room 2 – Jedi Temple Suite

Small Group Sessions, Workshops & Kaffeeklatsches 1 – Cabot’s Cove

Small Group Sessions, Workshops & Kaffeeklatsches 2 – Raptor Penn

Other Programming