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Born and bred in Birmingham (U.K.), Fangorn (aka Chris Baker) began his professional career as a graphic designer. Through a series of fortuitous events (that included an introduction to the world of SF conventions and their art shows) he then went on to produce fantasy and SF art for gaming and book covers, which include works for Robert Asprin`s Myth series and the Redwall books by Brian Jacques.

As a result of producing artwork for the graphic novel of David Gemmell`s `Legend`, in 1993 he was hired by Stanley Kubrick to produce concept designs for the film A.I. which was in the early stages of development. Despite Kubrick`s untimely passing 1999, Fangorn went on to continue working with Steven Spielberg on his version of Kubricks script, that became A.I: Artificial Intelligence

In the years that followed, Fangorn has gone on to work on over 20 films, which include Road to Perdition, War of the Worlds, Star Wars: Episode 7, Alice in Wonderland, the last three Bond movies and Gravity which earned the design team an Art Directors Guild award in 2013. He also received a BSFA Best Artwork award in 2006.

Although still enaging in film work, much of his creative output is oil painting, sculpting, printmaking and photography. His most recently published artwork is for an anniversary edition of Stephen King`s Salem’s Lot published by PS Publishing.

He still hasn`t decided what to do when he grows up.