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A New Anthology Featuring BristolCon Connections

Published on 24/03/2024 12:17:15 by Meg

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The new anthology, All Tomorrow’s Futures: Fictions that Disrupt, has plenty of local connections. Two of its short stories are by local authors: The Bracelet and the Battery by Bristol-based writer, Tim Kindberg and Signpost to Normal by Rosie Oliver from Chipping Sodbury. Another story, The Theseus Stone is by Jendia Gammon, wife of the local author and BristolCon stalwart Gareth L Powell. 

This anthology is not the usual series of science fiction stories. In a new collaborative approach, renowned experts in their subject area of justice, energy, digital money, longevity and learning, have joined forces with the authors to weave narratives of the near future. It is a thought-provoking book looking into the potential consequence of scientific progress, technological development and societal evolution. Its book launch will be at EasterCon, the annual British Science Fiction convention, this year at Telford on 30th March. 

Co-editor of the anthology, Stephen Oram, will be giving a talk about his near future science fiction writing, editing and publishing at the Hawkesbury Upton Literature Festival Spring Event: A Sense of Place on Saturday 27th April.

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