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Leaving Early to Avoid the Rush: Farewell, Terry Pratchett

On 12th March 2015, Terry Pratchett died, at the too-early age of 66. Several people close to the convention were not only fans of Terry’s but friends. He would not have been afraid to meet the chap who speaks in caps; the loss is all ours. He will be much missed.

Below are some of the thoughts left on the memory board at BristolCon.

“I only met Terry once – at a showing of “Mort” in Henleaze. I believe it was one of the first times any of his works was made into a play. I was amazed at how happily he sat and signed vast piles of books during the interval and after the show.”

“Writing is the most fun you can have by yourself.” – Terry Pratchett
“Thanks for sharing the fun!” – Anne

“Thank you Terry, for introducing me to conventions.” – MEG

“My parents were at a signing and my mum liked the poster for the event, so she asked if she could have it. Then when it was their turn she asked T.P. ‘If you sign my poster I promise I’ll read one of your books.’ He turned to my dad and said ‘Did you have to bring her along?’ They all laughed. She read one of his books. He had a great sense of humour.”

“I worked as a teaching assistant in Sheffield back in 1994. We read Truckers to the Y4 class. By the end of the first week half the kids had their own copy of the book. The books Terry wrote had the same effect on me.”

“You were the man to make me appreciate literature, as well as good banter. Thank you!” – Timlah

“Terry’s amazing and funny writing is what got me into reading. To this day he has writen some of my favourite books. Terry is much loved and very much missed.”

“Thank you, Sir Terry. My first Discworkd novel was Eric, but my favourite is Mort. You created a world, which makes you a God! Rest well.” – H. Powell

“‘Set a man on fire, and he’s warm for the rest of his life’. Thanks for everything” – Joanne Hall

“One weekend in 198-, I was on a trip to London with my parents. Walking along Charing Cross Road, we saw the Fantasy Inn (don’t bother looking for it, it’s not there any more) and a poster advertising a signing for Wyrd Sisters (the then new book) in the window. I begged to come back the following day. Turned up early and I was the only one there (a far cry from later signings! It got busier later.) Terry took time to chat to a nervous and excited fourteen year old boy, and that book remains one of my most treasured possessions.” – Dan

“I was introduced to Terry’s Discworld, and its wonderful humour, through the PC games. Hours of fun, laughing through point-and-click mayhem with Rincewind. To this day, Luggage is still one of my favourite characters, an opinion that was reinforced when I read the books too. An amazing world, created by a brilliant mind.” – Richard

“Leeds, late 1980’s, sitting in a programme item with Diane Duane, Peter Marwood and friends, with Terry feeding us pages of his short story treatment of the chicken crossing the road. We were all in hysterics; he was smiling at our mirth. So badly missed.” – Nik Whitehead

“Discworld series got me into reading! When I found reading very difficult. Rest in peace, Sir Terry!” – Heather

“1st time I met Terry (as he then was) was at the much-missed Andromeda Books in Birmingham, doing a signing. The queue was out the door & 250 yards down the street, but he not only signed everyone’s but had a chat with each of us too – great bloke, much missed.” – Ade

“In two words: Thank you.” – Simon