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BristolCon 2015

The 2015 BristolCon took place on 26th September, a month earlier than usual due to a scheduling clash with FantasyCon. With only 11 months to prepare and an unfamiliar position in the calendar, there was certainly some nervous rustling amongst the committee during the run-up to the convention. However, it was another record year for attendance, rising to 304 members, and the programme appears to have been a great success.

We were incredibly pleased to welcome as our Guests of Honour three shining stars of the specfic firmament: Chris Moore, Jaine Fenn (and her hat, pictured) and Jasper Fforde. They were all charming and entertaining and we were truly honoured to have them. We had a terrific presentation from Professor Ian Stewart on the real physics of time travel, and panels on topics ranging from gritty dystopias to being bad-ass with a baby in tow.


We had more cake than ever before, baked by our fabulous members, and we had lego and yarncrafts in our new brick-out room, and the rockest book launch ever for our own Joanne Hall’s latest release, Spark and Carousel. And there were hugs, lots of hugs, and drinks too.

Below are links to details of the 2015 convention, and beneath those are collected some links and tweets with what our members had to say about their experiences of the day, and on this page, some of the thoughts about Sir Terry Pratchett, left on our memory board.

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