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2015 – Other Programming

Programme Room 1Programme Room 2The Snug

All the goings-on that are going on in other rooms and at other times. In addition to the Saturday programme and entertainments, we have a workshop and open mic readings happening on the Friday night. More information on all the evening events can be found here.

Friday Evening

Time & Location Description
18:45, Programme Room 2 Members of the BristolCon team host a fun, informal workshop on giving a great reading.
20:00, Programme Room 2 Bring your reading voice from the workshop and unpack your word horde – Roz Clarke and Pete Sutton will be your hosts for an open-mic reading event. Five minutes and bzzzzt! You’re off. Only the best will be allowed back to finish if they run over, so keep it short, unless your confidence is high!



Time & Location Description
09:15, Brick-out Room Open Arms Session – An Introduction to the Convention

If this is your first convention or even if you’re just new to BristolCon, come along to a friendly meet and greet and share a hot beverage with some of the staff, panellists and other punters.

13:00, Art Room Learn to write your name in Gallifreyan

Tuition for all would-be Time Lords from Andy Bigwood

15:00, Art Room Persocoms, Giftias and Hybrid Children – manga and anime’s love affair with artificially created humans

From Tezuka’s Astroboy through to the Giftias in new anime series Plastic Memories, Japanese creative artists have loved to wrestle with the practical and ethical problems posed by creating artificial humans. In fact, even though the latest lifelike robots are much hyped in the press and on social media, anime and manga are way ahead! Learn more about some of the unusual ways mangaka and anime creators have explored this fascinating and disturbing topic.

Presentation by Sarah Ash



For those of you able to stay late into the evening, we have a variety of entertainment laid on. All of this starts at 20:30.

Location Description
Programme Room 1 BristolCon Presents: Galaxy Quest
Programme Room 2 The Quiz: BristolCon wouldn’t be BristolCon without our infamous Quiz!
Dealers Room Tabletop Gaming with Tom and Jon
The Bar Conversation: The hotel bar will be open until around for chat, beer and related activities.