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Rexx Deane

I am a web developer working at a behavioural systems firm in Herefordshire.

Over the last couple of years I have written and self-published a scifi novel, Synthesis:Weave, in which one of the protagonists is based on my disabled partner.

Before numerous other hobbies took over, I used to take part in medieval re-enactments and performed rune readings for the public. After developing an interest in body language and the subconscious, I realised that most of this was down to reading the body language of others.

I have had an interest in programming since I was a child and, coupled with what I’ve learnt about human psychology at work, this was one of the influences in my book.

My novel is cross-genre, spanning hard a scifi feel with fantasy elements (kind of like starwars), with a bit of a crime element. Has a disabled protagonist that uses forcefield prosthetics, while the other protagonist is a programmer that learns to use magic. An artificial intelligence (that can also use magic via recorded brainwaves) joins them.

Faster than light space travel via alien artefacts is discovered, and this has implications for the inhabitants of earth that left before the discovery.


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