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Chris Moore

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Born %@!& years ago in Rotherham, Yorkshire and currently living in Lancashire with his wife Katie.
From a very early age he wanted to be a commercial artist and being the kind of kid who excelled at things he enjoyed he was always good at art at school. He went to various colleges to do ‘art’ specialising in illustration when he was at Maidstone College of Art then going on to do illustration at the RCA on a 3 year postgraduate MA course.

On leaving the RCA he set up a studio in the early 70’s in Covent Garden, London with fellow graduate Mick Morris. These were incredible times, virtually the whole of Covent Garden was awash with illustrators, photographers, designers and advertising agencies. Rents were cheap and parking free and everyone knew each other and reputations grew very quickly. They worked on book covers, record sleeves, magazine covers, ad campaigns etc from day one and never had to look hard for work.

Thanks to Peter Bennett at Magnum paperbacks he started working on SF covers which eventually came to dominate his output. He’s recognised most for his work in the SF field and has been fortunate to produce covers for almost every SF writer of the 20th Century, but has been mostly associated with the writings of Philp K Dick.
In 2001 he had an example of his work signed by the shuttle astronauts in space as part of a promotion for the Isle of Man postal service.

Published collections include:
Parallel Lines. (with Peter Elson) 1980 Dragons Dream
Dream Makers. 1988 Dragons Dream
Fantasy Art of the New Millennium. 2000 Harper Collins.
Journeyman: The Art of Chris Moore. 2000 Paper Tiger

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