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Gunnar Roxen

Gunnar Roxen is a very English Viking and sci-fi noir thriller writer whose career is going from strength-to-strength. He is author of the 5-star Amazon rated novels “The Wyld Hunt”, “Dead Angels” and the upcoming novel “The Firestorm Conspiracy” and the sci-fi noir “Broken Shield RPG”.

Gunnar is also Lead Writer for Mutant Chronicles by Modiphius Entertainment funded by an amazingly successful Kickstarter that raised over £147,000 for an original target of just £11,000. He is currently writing the Mutant Chronicles Corebook, Imperial Corporation Guide and the Luna & Freelancers Guide.

Gunnar has written novels, computer games, roleplaying games and future scenarios for scientific research. His previous career includes running an indie videogames studio for 11 years producing titles such as “Fate of the World” and “BBC Climate Challenge” and serving on the board of Games For Change promoting social impact games.

He was appointed a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in 2008, a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and also the Royal Institution in 2010. He was an Affiliate Researcher of Sustainability and Communications (2008/9) for the ECI at Oxford University and spoke at the Skoll World Forum 2011.

Gunnar is currently looking for a like-minded literary agent.

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