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Programme 2010

BristolCon ’10 is a single-day event and will be designed to allow people from south and central England, and south Wales, to attend without needing a hotel room. Some more bar-centered activities for local people will carry on into the evening.

Here is the programme schedule as it currently stands. You can also view and print is as a PDF. Please note that last minute events may cause changes to be made.

Time Description Participants
10:00 PUBLISHING PANEL: Insights into and experiences of the tricky business of getting published. Andy Bigwood, Colin Harvey, Dave Bradley, Juliet McKenna (Chair), Mike Shevdon
10:50 READING: Juliet McKenna Juliet McKenna
11:00 Guest of Honour – JOE ABERCROMBIE: A Questions and Answers session with Cheryl Morgan Joe Abercrombie, Cheryl Morgan
11:50 FILM: A short stop-motion animation Wizards of Speed and Time by Mike Jittlov. Made in 1979, Mike created all of the special effects himself, including the stop-motion animation. Lewis Bear
12:00 SPECIAL EFFECTS – FROM HARRYHAUSEN TO AVATAR: As little as five years ago, Empire Magazine predicted that James Cameron’s Avatar, then trapped in development hell, would never be realised because the technology to make it simply didn’t exist.

This year SFX guru Ray Harryhausen celebrated his 90th birthday and, in honour of these two events, Bristolcon is devoting a panel to the history of special effects in movies and TV, looking at how far they’ve come from the days of stop motion, wondering if more is actually better, and speculating on how far the art can be pushed in the future.

Alex Keller, Mike Tucker, John Meaney, Terry Cooper, Gareth L Powell (Chair), Dave Golder
12:50 READING: Gareth L Powell Gareth L Powell
13:00 SIGNINGS: Time for you to meet the authors and get books signed. Books will be on sale in the dealer’s room for those who haven’t brought their own! Guests
13:50 READING: John Meaney John Meaney
14:00 BRISTOL – FANTASTICAL CITYSCAPE: A virtual tour of strange and mythic Bristol in search of inspiration for writers, and would-be writers.

Bristol has a couple of would-be portals to other worlds, no end of urban legends (historic and present day), two separate founding myths, at least two walking statues, and a street which is marked on maps, but which doesn’t really exist at all.

Eugene Byrne
14:50 READING: Mike Shevdon Mike Shevdon
15:00 VISUALISING FABULOUS WORLDS: How do fantasy writers create a world where the sea is exactly the right shade of pink? One of the key hooks of fantasy is the visualisation of the fantastic, but how does that change when interpreted into a different medium? Joe Abercrombie, Stephanie Burgis, Kim Lakin-Smith (Chair), Mike Tucker, Andy Bigwood, Roz Clarke
15:50 READING: Stephanie Burgis Stephanie Burgis
16:00 FUTURE SCIENCE: Writers talk about the science they want to see in the coming decades. When does Science Fiction become Science Fact? Where are we all going to end up? And when do we finally get the jetpacks and flying cars we were promised about 50 years ago? Alastair Reynolds, Gareth L Powell, Paul Cornell, Nick Walters
16:50 READING: Sarah Singleton Sarah Singleton
17:00 Guest of Honour – PAUL CORNELL: Paul Cornell talks about his life and work Paul Cornell
17:50 READING: Paul Cornell Paul Cornell
18:00 WRITING FIGHT SCENES: We’ve all got drunk. But very few of us have been involved in a tavern brawl, fought hand to hand combat, faced down a barrage of ray guns or led a cavalry charge. Maybe as a result of this, writers frequently cite fight scenes as one of the hardest things to write. So we have martial artists/authors John Meaney and Juliet McKenna on hand to guide you through the mechanics of writing fight scenes, and maybe, if you’re lucky, demonstrate some moves on our other unsuspecting panellists… John Meaney, Juliet McKenna, Joe Abercrombie, Colin Harvey (Chair), Cheryl Morgan
18:50 READING: Colin Harvey Colin Harvey
19:00 TALIS KIMBERLEY ENTERTAINS: Whether inspired by literature, real life or the world of myth, Talis’ work always takes a quirky, sideways view of the world. Talis Kimberley
20:00 PUB QUIZ: Don your thinking caps – Nick Walters challenges the best SF minds in Bristol. Nick Walters
…but the bar will stay open!

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