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More stuff? Yes, of course there is.

Art Room

Time Description
14:00 – 14:45 James Ledger Digital Art Demonstration: watch one of our artists create a new work before your very eyes. We’ll put the screen through a projector so you can all see what is going on as James explains his techniques.

In addition we will be showing a series of short films and animations in the room throughout the day, including works by local animators, film trailers, and a live action fantasy short filmed in New Zealand. These will be shown without sound, but you will be able to put your headphones into the computer and hear what’s going on. There is no set time as they are mostly very short, just come in and ask to watch one. Here are some of the films we will have on offer.

Title Description
The Offering When a routine dragon sacrifice goes very, very wrong…
Directed by Elizabeth Crummett; Starring Jed Brophy and Samantha Swords
Shot and produced independently in New Zealand
Upstairs, Above the Yomotos Animation
Steampunk Frankenstein A remake of the classic Mary Shelley story with a steampunk aesthetic. The full film is being shown as film festivals around the world (including at this year’s Worldcon). We have the trailer.
Paintwork Based on the short story by Tim Maughan
By Alan Tabrett, Laurie Eagle, Koast, Pete Thomas & Bobi Maughan
High T.N.T. Steampunk, featuring an automaton Queen Victoria
by Kevin McGuiness

Convention Bar

We promise not to interrupt your drinking for long, but at 14:00 we’ll be giving those authors not in the Ian Whates anthology an opportunity to sign books in the bar.

Evening Programme

For those of you able to stay late into the evening, we have a variety of entertainment laid on. All of this starts at 20:30.

Location Description
Programme Room 1 Grant Sharkey: We’re delighted to welcome Grant Sharkey, wearer of many fetching hats, who will be providing the evening’s entertainment with a stand-up comedy routine, accompanied by his not-very-portable double bass. For more information about Grant, see here.
Dealers Room The Quiz: yes, it is back, and we have given it a room of its own.
Kaffeklatsch Room Gaming: Geoff Sims invites you to try his new game, Tripods!, a steampunk-themed boardgame where you must escape London before it falls to the Martian Menace. Sign up at Geoff’s table in the art room during the day if you want to play.
The Bar Conversation: Also beer and related activities.

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