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Guests 2012

(Please note that we are adding bios from our programme participants as their participant questionnaire responses come in. We should have bios for everyone by the end of September.)

Our Guests of Honour for 2012 will be:

  • John MeaneyJohn Meaney – John Meaney was born of Irish parents, grew up in England, and lives in Wales with his wife Yvonne. He is the author of twelve SF novels, including one of the Daily Telegraph Books of the Year, and an Independent Publishers Novel of the Year. He has a degree in physics and computer science, is belatedly completing graduate work at Oxford, and has delivered IT consultancy and training in nine countries. A 3rd dan black belt in Shotokan karate, he runs, lifts weights, does bodyweight exercises, and cross-trains in other combat disciplines when possible. He is also a trained hypnotist. Likes: cats, coffee and chocolate.
  • Gareth L. PowellGareth L. Powell – Born and brought up in the West of England, Gareth L. Powell studied English Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Glamorgan, where he was fortunate to list the poet and novelist Helen Dunmore as one of his tutors. He has since given guest lectures on creative writing at Bath Spa University, and has written for The Irish Times, SFX Magazine, Futurismic, Acoustic Magazine, 2000AD, and the Bristol Review of Books. For more information about Gareth click here
  • Anne SudworthAnne Sudworth

Colin HarveyAnd our Ghost of Honour will be Colin Harvey.

Other confirmed guests for 2012 include the following:

  • Alastair ReynoldsAlastair Reynolds
  • Jim BurnsJim Burns
  • Justina RobsonJustina Robson
  • Paul Cornell (probably cancelled due to baby arrival)
  • Juliet E McKennaJuliet E. McKenna – Juliet E McKenna has always been fascinated by myth and history, other worlds and other peoples. Her debut novel, The Thief’s Gamble, was published in 1999 and 2012 sees the publication of her fifteenth epic fantasy, Defiant Peaks, concluding The Hadrumal Crisis trilogy. She has written assorted shorter fiction including stories for Doctor Who, Torchwood and Warhammer 40k. She reviews for the web and magazines notably Interzone and Albedo One, teaches creative writing from time to time and fits all this around her husband and teenage sons. Living in West Oxfordshire, she’s currently debating which intriguing idea to pursue for her next project.
  • Philip ReevePhilip Reeve
  • Moira Young
  • Tricia Sullivan
  • Aliette de Bodard
  • Jaine FennJaine Fenn – Jaine Fenn writes far future SF, and is best known for the Hidden Empire series, published by Gollancz. In what passes for the real world, she is also known for her hangovers, and her hats.
  • Anne LyleAnne Lyle
  • Stephanie BurgisStephanie Burgis – Stephanie Burgis lives in Wales but visits Bristol as often as possible. Her trilogy of Regency-era fantasy adventures for 10- to 15-year-olds is being published in the UK as The Unladylike Adventures of Kat Stephenson (and in the US as Kat, Incorrigible). Book One, A Most Improper Magick, won the 2011 Waverton Good Read Children’s Award for best debut children’s novel by a British writer. She has also published over thirty short stories for adults and young adults in various f/sf magazines and anthologies, including Strange Horizons and Black Static.
  • Jonathan L. Howard
  • Freda Warrington
  • Guy HaleyGuy Haley – Guy Haley is a long time SF journalist and writer, having worked on SFX, White Dwarf and Death Ray, the latter two as editor. He’s the author of Reality 36, Omega Point and Champion of Mars. With four further novels coming next year, he’s kind of busy. He writes a great deal for Games Workshop’s Black Library, mainly because he is inordinately fond of goblins. A Yorkshireman by birth and inclination, but a southerner by accident, Guy lives in Somerset with his wife, son, and two enormous pets.
  • Ian Whates – Author, Editor and Publisher. As author, I have two novel series currently available: the ‘Noise’ books via Solaris (already linked), and the ‘City of 100 Rows’ books via Angry Robot. I have more than 40 short stories published, with my second collection, Growing Pains due from PS Publishing in March 2013. As publisher, I run NewCon Press. As editor, I edit books for NewCon Press, for Solaris, and for Robinsons in the long-running ‘Mammoth Book of…’ series.
  • Mark Clapham – Mark Clapham is the author of the Doctor Who novel Hope amongst other books and stories for various series. His most recent book is the Warhammer 40,000 novel Iron Guard, currently an ebook exclusive.
  • Marc Gascoigne
  • Kim Lakin-SmithKim Lakin-Smith – Kim Lakin-Smith’s dark fantasy and science fiction short stories have appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies including Black Static, Interzone, Celebration, Myth-Understandings, Further Conflicts, Pandemonium: Stories of the Apocalypse, Mammoth Book of Ghost Stories By Women, and others, with “Johnny and Emmie-Lou Get Married” shortlisted for the BSFA short story award 2009. She is the author of the gothic fantasy Tourniquet; Tales from the Renegade City, the YA novella Queen Rat, and Cyber Circus which was shortlisted for both the 2012 BSFA Best Novel award and the British Fantasy Award for Best Novel.
  • Rob Williams – I have written many titles for Marvel Comics – Ghost Rider, Daken, The Iron Age, Uncanny X-Force and more. My The Iron Age series won a Hollywood Prism Award this year. I write Judge Dredd for 2000AD and have written Star Wars, Robocop, Ghostbuster and Indiana Jones comics in the past.
  • Danie Ware – Social media and events Forbidden Planet; novelist Titan Books – debut novel just released. Mum, cyclist, geek, gamer, warrior, fitness and toy freak. Find me behind the FP stall!
  • Martin Sketchley
  • Lou Morgan
  • Janet Edwards – Janet Edwards lives in England. As a child, she read everything she could get her hands on, including a huge amount of science fiction and fantasy. She studied Maths at Oxford, and went on to suffer years of writing unbearably complicated technical documents before deciding to write something that was fun for a change. She has a husband, a son, a lot of books, and an aversion to housework. Her debut novel, Earth Girl, was published in August by Harper Voyager.
  • Tim MaughanTim Maughan – After spending most of his life putting it off, Bristol based author Tim Maughan finally started writing science fiction a few years ago. Last year he released Paintwork, a collection of three cyberpunk-tinged stories dealing with the roles of art, celebrity and globalisation in a very near, and strangely familiar, future. After a great critical reception — including support from the likes of Cory Doctorow, Ken MacLeod and Jeff Noon — he is working on his debut novel as well as more short fiction – the latter being published over the next few months in several magazines and anthologies, kicking off with a story for New Scientist’s Arc Infinity off-shoot this September. Away from fiction he is one of the UK’s best known writers on Japanese animation and comics, which along with science fiction he writes about for, as well as being a contributor to Anime News Network, SFX and Icon magazine.
  • Emma NewmanEmma Newman – Emma lives in Somerset, England and drinks far too much tea. She writes dark short stories, post-apocalyptic and urban fantasy novels and records audiobooks in all genres. Her debut short-story collection From Dark Places was published in 2011 and 20 Years Later, her debut post-apocalyptic novel for young adults, was released early 2012. The first book of Emma’s new Split Worlds urban fantasy series called Between Two Thorns will be published by Angry Robot Books in 2013. Her hobbies include dressmaking and playing RPGs. She blogs at, rarely gets enough sleep and refuses to eat mushrooms.
  • Eugene ByrneEugene Byrne
  • Ben Jeapes – Ben’s novel Phoenicia’s Worlds will be published by Solaris in 2013. He was doomed to life as a science fiction author by an overdose of TV science fiction as a child. He took up writing in the mistaken belief that it would be quite easy (it isn’t) and save him from having to get a real job (it didn’t). Hence, as well as being the author of several novels and short stories, he is also an experienced journal editor, book publisher and technical writer. His novels to date are His Majesty’s Starship, The Xenocide Mission, Time’s Chariot and The New World Order. His short story collection Jeapes Japes is available from Wizard’s Tower Press.
  • Leigh Kennedy – Born in Colorado but resident in the UK since 1985. Have published two short story collections (Faces, Wind Angels) and two novels (Journal of Nicholas the American and Saint Hiroshima) and am working on a novel at present. My work often straddles SF/fantasy and mainstream, probably confusing everyone!
  • Alex Dally MacFarlane – Alex Dally MacFarlane lives in London, where she is pursuing an MA in Ancient History. When not researching ancient cities and warrior women, she writes stories, found in Clarkesworld Magazine, Strange Horizons, Beneath Ceaseless Skies and The Mammoth Book of Steampunk. She is the editor of Aliens: Recent Encounters, forthcoming in 2013 from Prime Books.
  • Terry Martin – Terry Martin is the heart of the publishing company The House of Murky Depths, responsible for the award-winning Murky Depths magazine that mixes prose and comics. He also writes and paints.
  • Patrick Samphire – Patrick Samphire was born and raised in Bristol, but wandered away. He has now ended up in a soggy corner of Wales. Patrick is an ebook and web designer as well as a writer. His stories have appeared in Interzone, Realms of Fantasy, Strange Horizons, Black Static and the Year’s Best Fantasy.
  • Talis KimberleyTalis Kimberley
  • Dolly GarlandDolly Garland – Dolly Garland is a Bristol based fantasy writer, and a book-o-holic. She has been attending BristolCon for past two years, and has recently joined the committee. She is an obsessive journal keeper and the founder of Kaizen Journaling.
  • Simon BreezeSimon Breeze – So who is Simon Breeze? I guess an artist, and as such, I prefer to work primarily in the digital world due the huge and mind-boggling amount of flexibility it offers. Over the years, I have worked in several genres and on many projects such as game concepts, films, comics, advertising, graphic design, and books. I’ve also worked for some interesting folk too, such as Doctor Who Online and Future Quake to name a few.
  • Simon GurrSimon Gurr
  • Jennie Gyllblad
  • James Ledger
  • Steve UphamSteve Upham – Steve Upham is a freelance artist and graphic designer, offering cover illustraton and various other design services for a variety of publishers. He also runs Screaming Dreams, dedicated to publishing fantasy, science fiction and horror book titles.
  • Rosie Oliver – After working 30+ years on real tech, Rosie completed the MA Creative Writing at Bath Spa University where she enjoyed writing a hard science fiction novel. She has had several short stories published in the UK and USA. She lives in Chipping Sodbury with 3 cute cats, the runt of the litter definitely being the boss cat! And one of the inspirations for her robo-cat (C.A.T.) series e-books published by TWB Press.
  • Marc Aplin – Probably not what you’d consider your “conventional fantasy fan”, Marc Aplin has held British titles in Mixed Martial Arts, having won fights by both submission and knockout inside a cage. Retiring in 2010, due to injury, he found himself without the need to train 5/6 hours a day and instead devours about a book each week instead. A desire to share and discuss his new-found passion of reading Fantasy novel, led him to create Fantasy-Faction in late 2010. Today Fantasy-Faction attracts over 2,000 visitors a day, is about to publish an anthology and has just help its first event with Joe Abercrombie, Peter Brett and Myke Cole. It is no exaggeration to say that blogging has changed his life.
  • John Hawkes-ReedJohn Hawkes-Reed
  • Nick WaltersNick Walters – Nick Walters lives and writes in Bristol. He has written many short stories and several Doctor Who novels including the award-winning Reckless Engineering.
  • Robert Harkess – Exiled Bristolian currently living just outside London, Robert got into writing three years ago. Since then he has had his first YA novel published by Proxima, and has had a half dozen short stories published in various e-zines and anthologies
  • Neil Benyon – Neil is a journeyman fantasy writer who has been known to make excursions into science fiction and horror. He splits his time between London ­– where he works ­– and Wales ­– where he is from.
  • Paul Graham Raven – Paul Graham Raven is a researcher in infrastructure futures, as well as a writer, critic, reviewer and general chunterer-of-obscure-gubbins on the intermawebs. He’s currently recovering from doing a Masters in Creative Writing — a recuperative process which thus far involves pointing at a rash of empty squares in his calendar and giggling hysterically. You can examine the latest misshapen lumps of WTF that fell out of his brain at
  • Kevin StandleeKevin Standlee – Kevin Standlee was co-Chair of ConJosé, the 2002 Worldcon. He is a director of SFSFC, Inc., the parent corporation of the 2002 and 1993 Worldcons and the 2000, 2011, and 2013 Westercons, and is also a director of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Translation Awards. Kevin’s first SF convention was the 1984 Worldcon, and he has worked on conventions in roles from gopher to Worldcon Chairman. Kevin is an expert on the rules of Worldcon (including having administered the Hugo Awards three times) and Westercon. His other hobbies include a trains and rail transit. Kevin works as a logistics solutions engineer for a supply-chain management company in San Mateo, California.
  • Michael Dollin – Local charity person and unashamed lover of SF and Science Fantasy. Continually experimenting with writing SF Novels, yet never satisfied with the result. Veteran of organizing and running open ended SF roleplaying to satisfy a love of worldcrafting. Favorite Question – Why?
  • Fran Jacobs – I’m the author of the Shadow Seer and Seer’s Tower, book 1 and 2 of Ellenessia’s Curse.
  • Jonathan Wright – Jonathan Wright writes the majority of the author profiles for SFX & many of the magazine’s lead book reviews. he’s been doing this for more years than he likes to think about…
  • Foz Meadows – Foz Meadows is the author of YA urban fantasy novels Solace & Grief and The Key to Starveldt; she also writes regularly about politics, feminism, SFF and pop culture at her blog, Shattersnipe, and is a contributing blogger at The Huffington Post.
  • Dev AgarwalDev Agarwal

And of course the usual BristolCon committee, including Jo Hall, Claire M Carter, Andy Bigwood and Roz Clarke.


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