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Expanding on the Zooniverse

October 28th, 2020 · No Comments

I have just finished beta-testing a new project for the Zooniverse, which will be transferring hand written records of UK tides data from 1850s onwards to the computer. The historical data, which unusually is recorded every 15 minutes, will then be analysed for the impact of climate change on our seas. I suspect this project will soon be uploaded onto the Zooniverse.

This follows on another project in the spring that digitised rainfall data in the UK, again transferring handwritten records into digital form. Those that helped have since had a nice thank you e-mail saying that some of that data has already been used help improve climate change assessments for worldwide reports. There will be more analysis to be done on the data that will lead to an even better understanding.

And climate change analysis is only one topic where the Zooniverse is having an impact, in this case a very significant one. And to think it all started needing help with astronomical observations.

BristolCon are absolutely delighted that one of the Zooniverse’s founders, Chris Lintott will be giving a talk on its history and what it can do this coming Saturday via Zoom. If you want to find out more, and how you can help with important science and technology work, do join us.

When? Saturday October 31st, 5pm

Where? Zoom

Tickets: Free from Eventbrite here.

BristolCon are fortunate enough to be able to offer signed copies of Chris Lintott’s book, The Crowd and the Cosmos. See here for details.

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