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William Gibson – Agency: What Does the Future Hold?

December 11th, 2019 · No Comments

William Gibson, yes that William Gibson of Neuromancer fame, will have a new novel, Agency, published in January 2020. Of course he has to talk about his new novel and where better than at We The Curious in Bristol as part of the Festival of Ideas?

The event is William GibsonAgency: What Does the Future Hold? and will be held on Monday 3rd February 18-30 – 1930, though I believe the doors will be open at 18:00. The place is We The Curious, Anchor Road, Harbourside, Bristol BS1 5DB. Tickets can be bought here.

For those interested in the novel, Agency, the blurb, taken from Amazon is:

San Francisco, 2017. Clinton’s in the White House, Brexit never happened – and Verity Jane’s got herself a new job.

They call Verity ‘the app-whisperer’, and she’s just been hired by a shadowy start-up to evaluate a pair-of-glasses-cum-digital-assistant called Eunice. Only Eunice has other ideas.

Pretty soon, Verity knows that Eunice is smarter than anyone she’s ever met, conceals some serious capabilities and is profoundly paranoid  which is just as well since suddenly some bad people are after Verity.

Meanwhile, in a post-apocalyptic London a century from now, PR fixer Wilf Netherton is tasked by all-seeing policewoman Ainsley Lowbeer with interfering in the alternative past in which Verity and Eunice exist. It appears something nasty is about to happen there – and fixing it will require not only Eunice’s unique human-AI skillset but also a little help from the future.

A future which Verity soon fears may never be . . .

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