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BristolCon 2019 – Summary

November 24th, 2019 · No Comments

Whoosh – and another BristolCon has been and gone. We’ve now had so many BristolCons that 2019 was our tenth anniversary. 

Our Guests of Honour were absolutely delightful. All the way Ireland we had writer Diane Duane (who had in August been Guest of Honour at WorldCon), our own local writer Gareth L Powell (he who had earlier this year won his second BSFA Best Novel award for Embers of War) and artist Andy Bigwood (he who has won two Best Artist BSFA awards). Such a stellar line up who entertained, talked, taught, encouraged others in their creativity and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We thank you for giving us such special glimpses into your worlds of imagination. 

Andy our Artist Guest of Honour did a wonderful cover for our booklet and designed the ‘Bag of Holding’, which I am sure will prove valued souvenirs of this tenth anniversary BristolCon.

For our spotlight book launch we welcomed back an old favourite for their second volume – Airship Shape and Bristol Fashion – Planes, Trains and Automatons, a steampunk anthology with loads of local authors and published by the local Wizard’s Tower Press. BristolCon would not be BristolCon without our local science fiction and fantasy enthusiasts being brought to the fore! And what a loveable bunch they are! If you want a peek at it see the start of it on Amazon.

With each passing year it seems BristolCon gets bigger and better. 2019 saw the addition of an extra Small Groups Sessions stream – and we still had more people volunteering to run a kaffeeklatsch or workshop than we had room for on our timetable. The art room kept its increased size from last year and rumour has it that one piece of art was involved in a bidding war – don’t know if that has ever happened before. 

And what wonderful evening entertainment we had from the ZHL Strings quartet who played various classical and science fiction pieces of music. Their finale was dancing while playing the Can Can. 

Too much went on at BristolCon 2019 to give a blow by blow account, so I will leave it to others to give you their impressions:

A humungous thank you to all who helped, no matter how small your efforts were. It was greatly appreciated by BristolCon committee and members. Without you volunteering your time and effort, we would not have this lovely friendly science fiction and fantasy convention.

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