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Want help with Book Launches?

August 18th, 2019 · No Comments

The southwest has some lovely science fiction and fantasy authors who produce wonderful books.

Of course every new book deserves a book launch. Getting a book published is a great achievement, a recognition of all the inspiration and work that goes on in the writerly dens. And it deserves having as many people as possible come along to its launch, which means letting people know! If you have an up and coming book launch, please let me know and I’ll put up a post about here and elsewhere. I lurk at media[at]bristolcon[dot]org.

If you have a book being published and want to find somewhere free of charge to launch your book, we can help. Or should I say our esteemed vice-chair, Bav, knows where and can assist. He can be found at chair[at]bristolcon[dot]org.

We will have some exciting news to share about BristolCon’s evening entertainment shortly.

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