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Green Stories Short Stories Competition

October 11th, 2018 · No Comments

What would a sustainable society look like in the future?

Green Stories are seeking submissions to a competition to find the best stories which showcase the idea. Read more from their article below.

Writing a better future: writing competition

A series of writing competitions across various formats to solicit stories that showcase what a sustainable society might look like

Why we are doing this

Creating a cultural body of work that presents positive visions of sustainable societies, more than anything else, has the potential to enable a shift towards more sustainable society.

The necessary societal transformations to sustainable societies require profound systemic changes across social, cultural, economic, environmental, political and technological domains. But to imagine how all aspects can come together within one society is more the domain of creative fiction.

Why we ask for a positive view

Stories are powerful means of inspiring positive change. Recent research indicates that positive solution-based stories are much more likely to inspire greener behaviour than catastrophic dystopian tales, that can give rise to a kind of passive despair! This is why we need positive visions that allow potentially transformative solutions to be showcased and played out. The difficulty in promoting sustainable behaviours is that they are often seen negatively as ‘doing without’ and the typical fear-based discourse can turn people off. This matters as in turn, political parties tend not to see environmental issues as ‘vote winners’ which limits potential for green policy making.

 Just as some books/films product place products, we aim to ‘product place’ sustainable attitudes behaviours products and policies. The story doesn’t have to be specifically about climate change or catastrophic shortages, it can be any kind of genre – rom com, crime drama, family drama, children’s, sci fi etc. as long as it showcases sustainable technologies, practices, products or ideas in the background. Currently characters in fiction who are green/ethical are often portrayed as priggish or aggressive, we’d like to see attractive characters behaving in sustainable ways.

Future competitions

We have just completed a very successful short story competition. We expect the resulting anthology of short stories ‘Resurrection Trust’ to be published in March 2019 by Retreat West publishers with a foreword by Caroline Lucas and review by Jonathan Porritt. The next round of competitions asks for plays, TV series, radio plays, screenplays, short films and novels. The competitions are all free to enter with prizes and publication/production opportunities so check out for details.

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