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September Readings – Fringe vs the Kraken

September 18th, 2014 · No Comments

This Monday, 22nd September, the BristolCon Fringe event is being invaded by Kraken (more than one, to be clear – the plural of Kraken is Kraken).

In October 2013 the Bristol Literary Festival hosted a workshop in which writers were invited to write a story in just 24 hours, with support from six authors. The stories were entered into a competition, and the top ten were published, in record time, by Angry Robot Books.  Details are here.

We have five of those intrepid Krakeneers here to read their stories for you:  Ian MillstedScott Lewis, Rosie Oliver, Kevlin Henney and Piotr Świetlik.

As always, the readings take place in the inestimable Shakespeare Inn on Prince Street, and proceedings commence at 7:30pm.

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