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Graham Higgins – Drawing at BristolCon

October 2nd, 2013 · No Comments

We are very pleased to welcome Graham Higgins, a newcomer to BristolCon, who will be sketching in the corridor outside the art room during the day.

Graham’s earliest memories are populated with characters from hand-drawn Disney movies and Looney Tunes shorts, comics like Buster and Beezer and Dudley D Watkins “Oor Willie” and “The Broons” in the Sunday Post, Giles cartoons in the Express, and a lightning-bolt encounter with Ronald Searle’s work in the Molesworth books.  Skip a couple of post-college decades working freelance in advertising, illustration for Punch and Radio Times, a chance (possibly fated) encounter with Hunt Emerson and an intro to indie comics, a few years commuting to Berlin’s Honk! cartoon studio… A literally crippling race to finish the comic adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s Guards! Guards! resulted in RSI and a search for alternative work teaching in the Special Needs area, where he discovered a surprising affinity for kids in the autism range.

He now works mostly on educational resources and displays for schools, workshop sessions for timid drawers, and tries to improve his guitar and ukulele skills.  Which makes him the second ukulele player to be coming to BristolCon this year (Terry Martin of Murky Depths fame has been known to whip his uke out during quiet periods in the Dealer Room). So come to BristolCon for impromptu drawing and even more impromptu jam sessions!


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