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Membership Registration Times

October 17th, 2019< by Rosie Oliver --> · No Comments

We are getting soon close to BristolCon… the excitement is building up a head of steam… but we have to deal with a few practicalities about registration and membership. I know it’s mundane stuff, but needs to be said. So here goes…

We will stop accepting online memberships at 23:59 hours on Wednesday 23rd October. This will be your last opportunity to buy standard memberships at £30, and concession and disabled memberships at £20. Memberships can be purchased here.

Thereafter memberships can be purchased at the door on Saturday when you turn up at BristolCon. Membership fees are £35 for standard ones, and £25 for concessions and disabled.

Those who have prepaid registered memberships may collect their badges and programmes etc on Friday evening between 18:00 and 19:30 from our BristolCon registration desk at the hotel – don’t worry you can’t miss it!

Registration on Saturday will open at 09:00 for both registered members and those wishing to join. We will initially have a multiple queuing system, so please look for the signs as to which queue to join.

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Read at your own risk event: Heroes and Villains

October 15th, 2019< by Rosie Oliver --> · No Comments

If you are in Bristol and at a lose end on Wednesday 16th October 7-30pm, why not pop into Max Minerva’s bookshop (39 North View, Westbury Park, Bristol BS6 7PY)?

Speculative fiction writer, Heather Child and comic book writer, Robin Etherington will be talking about Heroes and Villains as part of the shop’s Read at your Own Risk series of events.

More details can be found here. Event charge is £3.

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Colin Harvey – Above and Beyond

October 14th, 2019< by Rosie Oliver --> · No Comments

One of the founding parents of BristolCon was Colin Harvey, who sadly passed away in 2011. He is much loved and missed by those who were there at the first BristolCons. It was therefore not surprising that Colin became our Ghost of Honour at the 2012 BristolCon. More about Colin can be found here.

As part of our 10th anniversary and as a thank you to Colin for helping to start BristolCon up, we will have charity boxes for donations to his beloved charity, Above and Beyond, which raises funds for Bristol city centre hospitals. They will be in Programme Rooms 1 and 2, and on the book swap table.

Donations up to £250 will be matched! Yes, up to £250 through the generosity of another donor, for which we are very grateful.

You could say our Ghost of Honour will be putting in an appearance at this year’s BristolCon, but it is fairer to say BristolCon is one of his many good legacies he left to the world.

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2019 – Programme

October 12th, 2019< by Rosie Oliver --> · No Comments

Wow, we have a programme for BristolCon 2019. And what an exciting super-duper one it is.

Each year, the programme at BristolCon consists of two streams of panel discussions, a book launch usually in the middle of the day and a mass book signing where you can get your books signed by the participating authors. This year we have increased the small group sessions / workshop / kaffeeklatsch from the customary one stream to two streams – giving you the members an even wider choice of what to attend.

We are repeating our Open Mic event on Friday night, which will be hosted by the wonderful Bav and Simon at 8pm in Jurassic Park Lane (Programme Room 1).

Pre-con bookings for workshops / kaffeeklatsches / small group sessions will be limited to five people (out of normally 18) per session and three sessions per person. At-con bookings will open at 9am. See the relevant pages for instructions.

Please note that the programme may be subject to change.

Programme Room 1 – Jurassic Park Avenue

Programme Room 2 – Jedi Temple Suite

Small Group Sessions, Workshops & Kaffeeklatsches 1 – Cabot’s Cove

Small Group Sessions, Workshops & Kaffeeklatsches 2 – Raptor Penn

Other Programming

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Open Mic Evening on Friday Evening

October 10th, 2019< by Rosie Oliver --> · No Comments

We are absolutely delighted to have the return to our Bristolcon convention of the popular Open Mic event on Friday evening, October 25th.

This will start at 8pm and finish when everyone who wants to has had a chance to read their piece. It will be in Panel Room 1 – Jurassic Park Lane and will be hosted by our very own Bav and Simon.

Please bring a piece of your own work to read, which can published or unpublished and should last about five minutes.

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An evening of Science Fiction with Peter F. Hamilton, Gareth L. Powell and Emma Newman at Foyles, Cabot Circus, Bristol

October 5th, 2019< by Rosie Oliver --> · No Comments

Foyles, Cabot Circus, Bristol, are holding a literary science fiction event on Friday 8th November 7-30pm to 9-00pm, cost £3.

Peter F. Hamilton (Salvation Lost), Gareth Powell (Fleet Of Knives), and Emma Newman (Atlas Alone) explore the art of creating engaging, plausible and entertaining futures. The event will be chaired by Kristina Perez, author of the Sweet Black Waves trilogy.

The discussion will be followed by an Q&A and book signing – Peter Hamilton’s new novel Salvation Lost will have just been published on October 31st!

Tickets are available from the Foyles website here  or can be bought directly from Foyles Cabot Circus, SU21, Bridgstowe Street, BS1 3BH.

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BristolCon Book Launch

September 30th, 2019< by Rosie Oliver --> · 1 Comment

If all goes to plan (e.g. printing is to schedule) BristolCon will be hosting a book launch, which is so so suitable for our convention:

Airship Shape and Bristol Fashion II:

Planes, Trains and Automatons

It’s been five years since our first Bristol-themed steampunk anthology, Airship Shape and Bristol Fashion was if I remember correctly launched at BristolCon, so this is certainly a long-awaited sequel. There will be some returning authors and some new ones. The contents list can be found here.

It is especially pleasing as many of those involved have had long associations with BristolCon and it is lovely to see them return for out tenth anniversary convention.

And if you want a peek at the gorgeous cover, it can be seen here.

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Book Launch of Salvation Lost by Peter F Hamilton

September 25th, 2019< by Rosie Oliver --> · No Comments

Salvation Lost is the second in the Salvation trilogy and is due to be published on October 31st (what a date to choose!). But you can get his new novel early if you attend the book launch.

Toppings (The Bookshop, The Paragon, Bath, BA1 5LS) will be hosting the event at 8pm (doors open 7-45pm) on Tuesday October 8th. More details on how to obtain tickets here.

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BristolCon Booklet – Articles and Adverts by Close of Play 29th September Please

September 21st, 2019< by Rosie Oliver --> · No Comments

BristolCon is getting closer and I can feel the excitement starting to build up. Your wonderful BristolCon committee is working wonders, but there is a limit to what even these lovely superheroes, beings with magical powers and AIs can do.

Our BristolCon booklet needs time for its preparation and printing. Therefore we are going to have to close submissions by close of play 29th September 2019. Please send your submissions direct to Bav – chair[at]bristolcon[dot]org

This includes pieces about our current and past guests of honour, any articles about the history of BristolCon – well it is our tenth anniversary – and any pertinent articles of awesomeness!

Submissions also include adverts, for which the rates are as follows, though I’m not sure what the availability is for some of the prime sites:

  • Inside Front Cover Full Page (Colour – Portrait) £25
  • Inside Full Page (Colour and Black and White – Portrait) £15
  • Inside Half Page (Colour and Black and White – Landscape) £10
  • Inside Back Cover Full Page (Colour – Portrait) £25
  • Outside Back Cover Full Page (Colour Portrait) £30

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Badges at BristolCon

September 18th, 2019< by Rosie Oliver --> · Comments Off on Badges at BristolCon

Many of you lovely members lead a double or multiple life, your day to day existence of walking round and interacting with people and more, and your online existence where you morph into data and pictures. In many cases the two presences (physical and online) are identified by completely different names or pictures.

We have known online groups come to BristolCon to meet up and that you know each other only through your online symbol / name. If you want to quickly identify each other from such a group, it has been suggested you wear a badge with your online symbol / name on it.

As the first tranche of BristolCon badges has now gone off to wonderful badge-makers, we are now unable to change the names on those badges. If you haven’t included your online name in your BristolCon badge name, we suggest you bring your own badge to wear with your online family-friendly name / symbol on it.

Of course the more artistic or craft-capable people among you might like to do something special for such badges, but that is entirely up to you.

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