BristolCon 2023
(Saturday October 21st 2023)
134 days, 19 hours and 37 minutes to go

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Guests of Honour: Ida Keogh and Geoff Matthews
Location: Hilton DoubleTree Hotel, Bristol


Friday Night Is Open Mic Night

Published on 24/10/2022 14:36:53 by Nik

BristolCon is proud to announce the return of the Friday night *FREE* Fringe Open Mic Night.

After a two-year break for… “reasons” the relaxed and informal opening event is coming back!

Hosted this year by Bav, the night starts at 8pm (or as soon as the audio equipment is working) and ends when we are all sleepy…

Bring along something you’ve written that’s about 5 minutes long (we may ask you to stop if it goes over) and have a jolly time encouraging others and being encouraged.

If you’ve never read in front of a group before, this event is perfect, if you’re a professional public speaker, this event is perfect… What we are saying is Fringe is perfect…

Join us in Panel Room One from 8pm onwards.