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Guest(s) of Honour: Peter F Hamilton and Joanne Harris
Location: Hilton DoubleTree Hotel, Bristol
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Book Launch @Bristolcon - Juliet E. McKenna

Published on 17/10/2023 01:21:48 by Nik

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The Green Man sends Daniel Mackmain to stop threats from folklore making trouble in the everyday world. Now a naiad and dryad want him to deal with the big cat they’ve seen prowling in their woods. Reports like this turn up in the tabloid press from time to time, though no one has ever caught such a cat, or even found evidence of a large carnivore’s kills.

Can Dan discover the truth behind this modern myth before social media turns his hunt into an internet sensation? He knows that not all animals are what they seem. A huge cat which can appear and disappear without a trace must be more than meets the eye. Dan knows one thing for certain. He’s on the trail of a killer.

A modern fantasy rooted in the ancient myths and folklore of the British Isles.

Books can be ordered via Juliet's website at, or you can pick up a copy at the launch event. Bring your copy along to get it signed.