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Gates of Hope - JE Hannaford - Published today

Published on 14/04/2023 04:01:22 by Nik

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JE Hannaford's latest book is released today in eBook and in paperback. The Aulirean Gates, book 1 is finally here. The cover of Gates of Hope features Darin and Staramine, his moonhound. This is the moment they first met…

Sat between himself and the adult hound stood a tall, young hound. Lean and lanky, it had yet to grow into its legs. It was fuzzy grey all over, with no markings other than jet black ears and its tail tip. Tilting its head to one side, quizzical wrinkles appeared across its forehead. Darin felt under inspection.

Art by Van.

Star is a tribute to all the dogs she's loved. He shares a similar colouring to her editor in chief – Archie and many personality traits of Hollie, her first Rhodesian Ridgeback – in particular the wrinkling forehead.