About Robin C.M. Duncan

Robin C.M. Duncan is a Scot born and living in Glasgow. A Civil Engineer by profession, he has been writing for decades, but seriously only for the last ten years. Robin has completed various novels, numerous short stories, novellas, novelettes, and poems, with copious other projects in different stages of incompletion. Robin’s first novel The Mandroid Murders was published in August 2022. His first published works, "Dew Diligence" and "The Bibliothek Betrayal", appear in the Distant Gardens anthology of 2021, available from Space Wizard Science Fantasy. Robin’s short story "The NEU Oblivion" was long-listed for the 2019 James White Award. Robin belongs to the Glasgow Science Fiction Writers’ Circle, the Reading Excuses critique group, the British Fantasy Society, and the British Science Fiction Association. Robin likes LEGO, gardening, heavy metal, football (soccer), and long walks on the beach. Robin does not own a cat, but is slightly acquainted with one. https://robincmduncan.com