BristolCon 2023
(Saturday October 21st 2023)

Guests of Honour: Ida Keogh and G R Matthews
Location: Hilton DoubleTree Hotel, Bristol
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BristolCon 2023 Programme - SGS 1

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Published: 13/10/2023 23:59:47

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Time Description
09:45 Room Closed
09:50 Room Closed

Welcome to BristolCon  hosted by Bav

Is this your first time here? What to expect and how to get the best out of the day

10:50 Room Closed

Support Groups for Writers  hosted by Roz Clarke

Writing groups, formal courses, retreats, mentoring etc. - what works for people and what do they want, but can’t get?

11:50 Room Closed

What Not To Do When Your First Book Comes Out  hosted by Tom Toner

12:50 Room Closed

Archery in Fantasy  hosted by Alicia Wanstall-Burke

and Nik Whitehead Is your aim true or are you shooting into the wind? Come along to discuss the good, the bad and the ugly depictions of weapons, fighting and archery in fantasy.

13:50 Room Closed
14:00 Room Closed
14:50 Room Closed

Interview Skills for Writers  hosted by Stephen Cox

Finding the stories to promote your book, and raise confidence at events. Practical help from a 30+ trad comms person alive to the digital age. No idea or only some idea really welcome.

15:50 Room Closed

  hosted by TBC

16:50 Room Closed

Believable Dialogue in Genre Fiction  hosted by Piotr Swietlik

Believable Dialogue in Genre Fiction with Piotr Swietlik. Dialogue in genre fiction (or any other fiction for that matter) is crucial, though many authors struggle with it. This will help you craft dialogue that actually sounds like something someone might say!

17:50 Room Closed
18:00 Room Closed
18:50 Room Closed
19:00 Room Closed
19:50 Room Closed
20:00 Room Closed