BristolCon 2023
(Saturday October 21st 2023)

Guests of Honour: Ida Keogh and G R Matthews
Location: Hilton DoubleTree Hotel, Bristol
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BristolCon 2023 Programme - Panel 2

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Published: 13/10/2023 23:59:47

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Time Description
09:45 Welcome Ceremony with Dan
09:50 Reading: Steve Mchugh

I had a book launch and nobody came 

How to promote your book using social media, traditional media, promotional tricks, and which models work best for authors.

Steve Mchugh, Kate from Handheld Press, Joao F. Silva, (CrowCaller) A. M. Blaushild , Siobhan Logan, Space Cat Press (M)

10:50 Reading: David R Lord

The ethics of a fictional war 

Do authors have a responsibility to honour the horrors of war, or is a fictional war free to glorify the battle and miss the gory truth of death?

Ben Jeapes, Jaine Fenn, David R Lord, Dr Bob , Kevlin Henney (M)

11:50 Reading: Susie Williamson

The Science Fiction Comedy Mystery Romance 

Some genres are a perfect fit for cross-over and some - just - ain’t. The Fifth Element was a perfect mash-up of genres but they don’t all work quite so well. So, what does, and what doesn’t?

Anna Smith Spark, David Green, Thomas Wrightson, Penny Hill , Stephen Cox (M)

12:50 Reading: Stephen Oram

How to make AI socialist? 

AI and machine learning are set to transform the knowledge economy in the same way automation changed the manual labour economy. How can society learn from the mistakes of the past in not disempowering the workforce and putting lots of people out of work?

Cheryl Morgan, peter sutton, Stephen Oram, Roz Clarke , Piotr Swietlik (M)

13:50 Room Closed
14:00 Room Closed
14:50 Reading: J. E. Hannaford

Water, water everywhere 

The ocean as a locus for sci-fi and fantasy

Ida Keogh, S Naomi Scott (Not Todd), Joel Cornah, J. E. Hannaford , Dr Bob (M)

15:50 Reading: Helen Claire Gould

Telling the story 

What’s the best viewpoint for telling your story? First person, or third? Maybe setting it in the context of a news item, police procedural, historical archive, family legend, or shaggy dog story works best for different types of tale

Will, Helen Claire Gould, Siobhan Logan, Space Cat Press, Stephen Cox , Thomas Wrightson (M)

16:50 Reading: peter sutton

...with a twist! 

How much do writers adapt/manipulate real world settings or historical events or science to fit their novels? How far is it okay to deviate from the facts of your setting whilst writing SFF fiction?

Joanne Hall She / Her, Jaine Fenn, D.M. Murray, Phil Williams , peter sutton (M)

17:50 Reading: Johannes T. Evans


Reinventions of traditional tropes are the flavour of the moment, but what makes some work and others fail? Should we be fiddling with the classics or coming up with fresh ideas instead?

Ida Keogh, F. D. Lee, Michael R. Miller, Caroline Mersey , J. E. Hannaford (M)

18:50 Room Closed
19:00 Room Closed
19:50 Room Closed
20:00 Room Closed