BristolCon 2023
(Saturday October 21st 2023)

Guests of Honour: Ida Keogh and G R Matthews
Location: Hilton DoubleTree Hotel, Bristol
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BristolCon 2023 Programme - Panel 1

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Published: 13/10/2023 23:59:47

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Time Description
09:45 Welcome Ceremony with MEG
09:50 Welcome Ceremony with MEG

I have an idea! 

Well done! Now, how to turn this idea into a book without grinding to a halt a couple of chapters in because you've said everything you have to say?

Anna Smith Spark, Susie Williamson, Shona Kinsella, Richard Gadz , Ben Jeapes (M)

10:50 Reading: Ida Keogh
11:00 Guest of Honour: Ida Keogh interviewed by Caroline Mersey
11:50 Reading: Anna Stephens

Why did it have to go political?  

The panel discusses how to use science fiction and fantasy stories to bring about change, or perhaps they should all really just be about wild japes and lashing of strawberry second breakfast?

Joanne Hall She / Her, G R Matthews, Josie Jaffrey, Anna Stephens , Bav (M)

12:50 Reading: Rob J. Hayes


The Self-Published Fantasy Blogoff Story

Julia Kitvaria Sarene, Gregory Kontaxis, Phil Williams, Rob J. Hayes , Matthew (T.O.) Munro (M)

13:50 Room Closed
14:00 Book Launch followed by Mass Signing

14:50 Room Closed
15:00 Guest of Honour: G R Matthews interviewed by Adrian Selby
15:50 Reading: Kevlin Henney

Am I SciFi? 

We live in a world where hearts, kidneys, tissue and bone can be transplanted, limbs replaced with robotics, eyes renewed, and even hair loss defeated. To Victorian eyes we must seem like some sort of marvelous fantastical story...the panel discusses what medical advances might be considered science fiction today, but normal in the future  

Alicia Wanstall-Burke, Nik, Kevlin Henney, Tom Toner , J A Mortimore (M)

16:50 Reading: Joel Cornah

Dungeons & Dragon's Den 

Our panelists discuss business opportunities in the Sci fi and fantasy world... from Bantha wool to borg implant creams... no idea is too insane. 

Graham Austin-King, J. E. Hannaford , Bav, (CrowCaller) A. M. Blaushild , Joel Cornah (M)

17:50 Reading: J A Mortimore

I've finished my book, what next? 

When is it time to get an editor in? Do you need beta readers? That cover isn't going to draw itself...

Andy Bigwood, J A Mortimore, Justin Lee Anderson, Siobhan Logan, Space Cat Press , Kate from Handheld Press (M)

18:50 Reading: Richard Gadz

Desert Planet Mars 

Our panellists get to take five books, two companions (living or dead), and one item which is somehow miraculously working perfectly in the Martian atmosphere. What makes the cut?

Philippa Chapman, S Naomi Scott (Not Todd), Piotr Swietlik, Richard Gadz , Anna Stephens (M)

19:50 Room Closed
20:00 Closing Ceremony, followed by Karoke
MEG presents the End Of Con finale followed by Karaoke with Bav