BristolCon 2024
(Saturday October 26th to Sunday October 27th 2024)

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Guest(s) of Honour: Peter F Hamilton and Joanne Harris
Location: Hilton DoubleTree Hotel, Bristol
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About Helen Claire Gould

Helen Claire Gould has been writing since her early teens, having read her first two science fiction novels at the age of nine.

Shortly after suffering some miscarriages in 1992 she began writing for therapeutic reasons. She joined a British Science Fiction Association Orbiter, then a Cassandra one, then became administrator for a third. She had joined the Peterborough SF Club, where she met her husband, and contributed to the club fanzine. She set up the Peterborough Science Fiction Writers' Group, edited two small press collections of short fiction, and organised a weekend workshop on writing for comics. She also had book reviews published in the BSFA review magazine, Vector.

In 1995 she returned to full-time education and graduated from Anglia Ruskin University in Geology and Planetary Science in 2000. She taught Geology and Creative Writing evening classes, and edited further collections of short fiction by her Creative Writing students. She also contributed articles to Deposits, a geological magazine with high production values. In 2013 she organised and ran a series of writers' workshops for Peterborough Arts Festival.

Floodtide was her first published novel, followed by The Stallion, a novelette, and She..., a short fiction collection. Her last novel, published in April, was The Zarduth Imperative Discovery, and her latest, TZI Clanship, will be published in the next few weeks. Together, these two books represent a major new project and the start of a series. Her books are also available as e-books on Kindle.

Most of her stories are set in her own fictional universe. Find out more at