BristolCon 2024
(Saturday October 26th to Sunday October 27th 2024)

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Guest(s) of Honour: Peter F Hamilton and Joanne Harris
Location: Hilton DoubleTree Hotel, Bristol
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About Rosa (RB) Watkinson

Hi all, I\'m an author (The Cracked Amulet, The Fractured Portal, The Ruptured Weaves, various short stories, etc) and a narrator of audiobooks (Ghosts of Tomorrow, Smoke and Stone, City of Kings, The Shard, etc). On occasion I might say something profound, sometimes I\'m a bit of a numpty, I\'m getting old what can I say. I was born in the Netherlands, I lived in Africa, was mostly raised in England. I\'ve always loved histories, mythologies and tales (magical and true), a love I inherited from my father. I studied Creative Writing at uni, and still study it every time I read a book. I\'m hoping to write and to read and to narrate a deal more before I pop my clogs. I\'m friendly so say \'hello\' if you like, tell me about yourself, I\'d love that :)