BristolCon 2023
(Saturday October 21st 2023)
26 days, 1 hours and 57 minutes to go

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Guests of Honour: Ida Keogh and G R Matthews
Location: Hilton DoubleTree Hotel, Bristol

About Anna Smith Spark

Anna Smith Spark is the author of the critically acclaimed Empires of Dust grimdark epic fantasy series The Court of Broken Knives, The Tower of Living and Dying and The House of Sacrifice; A Woman of the Sword; and A Sword of Bronzes and Ashes, book one in her new The Remaking of This World Ruined series. Her books have been described as ���a masterwork��� by Nightmarish Conjurings, ���an experience like no other series in fantasy��� by Grimdark Magazine, ���literary Game of Thrones��� by the Sunday Times, and ���howls like early Moorcock, converses like the best of Le Guin��� by the Daily Mail. Her favourite authors are Mary Renault, R Scott Bakker and M. John Harrison. Previous jobs include English teacher, petty bureaucrat and fetish model. You may know her by the heels of her shoes.