BristolCon 2023
(Saturday October 21st 2023)
26 days, 3 hours and 7 minutes to go

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Guests of Honour: Ida Keogh and G R Matthews
Location: Hilton DoubleTree Hotel, Bristol

About Dr Bob

Dr Bob trained as a zoologist yet somehow ended up working in telly for 23 years until digging an escape tunnel to the civil service. Wait, what? They wrote fanfic since they were knee high to a gronk, and founded the Dogbreath fanzine (Strontium Dog). They have stories in three of Storm Constantine\'s Wraeththu Mythos anthologies and in Rosie Oliver\'s SFerics anthology, and also self-publish military SF RPG scenarios on DriveThruRPG. They need to stop buying books & RPGs & comics and start buying more shelves.