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BristolCon 2016

Programme Book cover art by Andy Bigwood

Programme Book cover art by Fangorn

Our 8th BristolCon took place on Halloween weekend, and was as friendly, entertaining and inspiring as ever. Despite losing a lot of our members to dread diseases of one form or another (at least three kinds of flu seem to be going around), the con had a great buzz, the panels were stimulating, the dealer’s room was temptatious and the art show delectable. Also delicious were the many cakes – we’re in no danger of losing that #bristolcake hashtag any time soon.

Our Guests of Honour were marvellous; Sarah Pinborough was filthy, sharp and hilarious. She did a superb interview with Gareth L. Powell, who very kindly stood in for Ed Cox, one of many members struck down by eleventh-hour illnesses. Fangorn gave an engaging presentation, and managed to keep his audience on-side despite dissing the generally popular Force Awakens. Ken MacLeod was gracious and charming; one of those heroes you fear meeting but who turns out to be just as lovely as you could have imagined, and he was expertly interviewed by Jaine Fenn.

Fangorn, Sarah and Ken, image courtesy of Cheryl Morgan

Fangorn, Sarah and Ken, image courtesy of Cheryl Morgan

Our feature book launch this year was of course, Amunet by Rob Harkess, and his publishers, Grimbold Books, did him proud, with the help of our inimitable tech team and a legion of cake-bakers. The steampunk theme permeated the convention, but our winning costume was a fabulous young Rey, complicated hairstyle and all.

This year’s con came at a time of upheaval for several members of the con committee. We waved goodbye to Ade Couper, Minion King Extraordinaire, Roz Clarke (that’s me!) and Joanne Hall, Chair. Jo attains the honourary position of Unahzaal Vahlok Morokei se BristolCon (which, in Dovahzul, means ‘Eternal Glorious Overlord’. She’s a Skyrim fan. We’re a bunch of geeks.)

We have no doubt, however, that the convention will continue to go from strength to strength.

I’d like to give a blow-by-blow account of the day and namecheck EVERYONE who attended, because every member is an essential part of the con. There are, of course, too many of you, and far too much to cover in one blog post. Participants, minions, staff, cosplayers and lego-builders; you were all fabulous. Below are links to some of the blog posts other people have written about the day. Taken all together, they start to give  flavour of the day, but nothing beats being there. If you’re one of those who missed it because you had stuff coming out of unmentionable orifices, or because you were moving house, or life intervened in some other way, so sorry..! We missed you all. Here’s hoping to see you next year.