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Attending Members list published

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BristolCon 2016’s Attending Members list is now up and running here. As noted at the bottom of the page, these are the badge names given to us for those members who have indicated they wish to appear on the website – it isn’t everyone.

The page is updated manually once a month, so it may take up to that long for your details to appear.

Where we have a bio on file for someone from a previous BristolCon, we have linked to it. If you are volunteering to participate in the programme this year, we’ll invite you to give us a bio along with your panel preferences. If you aren’t volunteering but would like us to display a bio for you, or if you urgently want us to update or remove your current one, please contact me at website[at]bristolcon[dot]org.

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Book Launch – The Cracked Amulet by R B Watkinson – The Gryphon, Bristol, July 30th

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Come and join us for the launch of “The Cracked Amulet” by RB Watkinson , upstairs at the Gryphon on Colston Street on July 30th at 2pm. Wine and snacks will be provided, there will be a short reading, a q and a and a chance to buy BOOKS!

Wefan leaks from the world, and the blood-priests of the oppressive god Murak rise again to bring war to the lands of Dumnon. They search for those with Wealdan in their blood, for it gives them power. They practice horrifying blood-rites on both humans and creatures, they gorge on the blood of innocents, destroy farms and families, towns and cities, conquer swathes of territory and gain new followers. But not all Wealdan-infused blood carries the same intoxicating fuel. The blood-priests seek one above all others.
Against a background of failing states, magik and spirits, Coryn and Katleya lose all they have and must flee all that they know. Coryn, protected by a cracked amulet, must find his sister and fulfill an oath. Katleya has only her wits and her knives to defend herself. She can use her Wealdan only to see the Wefan and is desperate to reach a haven where she can learn to use her power fully. But she is hunted by those who would use her and her Wealdan for terrible purposes of their own.
A story as intricate and as powerful as any Weaving of the Wefan.

R B Watkinson was born in 1960 in the Netherlands of Dutch parents. She now lives on a smallholding in the wilds of west Devon, England. She is married, has raised three children, and wrangles a menagerie of animals. She’s held down many jobs over the years, including editorial secretary for a few well-tamed authors. Her favourite ‘work’, however, is writing.
After gaining a Diploma in Creative Writing at Oxford University in 2011, she embarked on writing epic fantasy. In March 2015, she signed a three book deal with Claret Press, London (, for the epic fantasy trilogy – The Wefan Weaves. She also created the cover art and the interior artwork for her book, including the map of Dumnon.

(Launch Supported by the BristolCon Foundation)

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BristolCon Fringe Horror Special – With Thomas David Parker and Tim Lebbon

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Come to the BristolCon Fringe on July 18th for a night of horror! Local master of the macabre and Fringe semi-regular Thomas David Parker will be debuting a new short story, “The Lake”, and Tim Lebbon will be joining us from South Wales for the first time, so please come if you can!
As always, Fringe events are completely FREE and open to all, and they take place in the back room of the The Shakespeare Tavern on Prince Street from 7.30pm onwards – get there early to get a good seat!

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Book Launch – Pete Sutton and Charles (Ian) Millsted launch their new books in Bristol!

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This coming Thursday (June 30th 2016) sees two of our BristolCon regulars, Pete Sutton and Ian Millsted (writing as Charles Millsted just to confuse you) launching their respective new books at a joint launch in Bristol.

Pete will be launching A Tiding of Magpies – a collection of linked short stories published by Kensington Gore, while Charles will be launching his western, Silence Rides Alone, from Sundown Press.

The launch takes place in the suitable spooky surrounds the crypt of St John On The Wall, a former Baptist church built into the fabric of the old city wall, from 7pm on Thursday evening – please do come along and support two local authors! See the Facebook event for more details.

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BristolCon 2016 Progress Report 2

June 13th, 2016< by Roz --> · Comments Off on BristolCon 2016 Progress Report 2

Greetings, Conventioneers!

As midsummer bears down on us, the denizens of Castle BristolCon have been hard at work searching the halls and stairways for programme ideas, and we’ve corralled a good-sized flock of them into our long-list, which will be circulated to potential programme participants in due course. We always try to propose about twice as many panels as we run, to make sure that the people taking part get to discuss topics they’re really interested in. This makes for better panels all round.

If you want to take part in panels or have an idea for a small group session (workshop or klatsch-style meeting in the ‘Snug’), it’s not too late. Contact us at programme[at]bristolcon[dot]org, and if you have purchased a membership we’ll make sure you’re added to the list of volunteers. You don’t need to tell us what you want to do yet, just let us know you’re interested and we’ll be in touch.

We still have a small number of spaces in the dealers room and the art show; if you wish to display your wares in either, please contact us BEFORE you purchase your membership (dealers@ and artshow@ respectively), unless you’re happy to take the risk that we can’t accommodate you.

One thing that is locked and loaded is our book launch event, but I can’t tell you any more yet! As soon as I’m allowed to, I’ll post a news item all about it.

Whilst we don’t like to mess with a winning formula, there are a few sneaky little changes that we’re bringing in. Games will be incorporated into the Brick Out space in the afternoon and run continuously into the evening, so that younger folks and those going out in the evening can join in. We’re having our first ever cosplay contest, and we’ll be running one or two other competitive activities, probably involving cake.

If you have any wants, wishes or whinges regarding BristolCon, we’re always keen to hear them, but now is a particularly good time while there’s still some flex in the planning.

If you think you can help, we’re always on the look out for Minions because the castle floor gets really dirty running BristolCon is a many-handed if incredibly rewarding job. Minions this year get reduced-rate entry next year, or whenever they’re next able to attend, but it’s worth it purely for access to the Staff Room and the Tower of Cakes therein. To volunteer, email our Minion King at volunteers[at]bristolcon[dot]org.

Lastly, we have recently ported our website over from one host to another, and there were some hiccups regarding email forwarding between May 14th and May 24th. If you emailed any @BristolCon address during that period and have not received a reply, please accept our apologies and try again. We don’t want to miss a thing…

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BristolCon Fringe with Justin Newland and Stephanie Burgis – 13th June 2016

June 8th, 2016< by Jo --> · Comments Off on BristolCon Fringe with Justin Newland and Stephanie Burgis – 13th June 2016

This month’s BristolCon Fringe sees the return of our favourite asker-of-difficult-questions, Justin Newland, who will be reading from his novel The Genes of Isis. Joining him will be Fringe first-timer Stephanie Burgis, author of Masks and Shadows, as well as the Kat Stephenson trilogy for younger readers.
As always, Fringe events are free and open to all, and take place in the back room on the Shakespeare Tavern on Prince Street in Bristol (next to the swing bridge) – turn up early to get a good seat!

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BristolCon Membership Goes Up to £25 from June 1st – Book Now!

May 9th, 2016< by Jo --> · Comments Off on BristolCon Membership Goes Up to £25 from June 1st – Book Now!

Just a quick heads up – if you haven’t bought your BristolCon membership yet then don’t forget to get one by the end of May. The price goes up to £25 on June 1st, so save yourself a fiver and sign up now!

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BristolCon Fringe Crime Special! Featuring Paul Cornell and Martyn Waites (Tania Carver) – May 16th 2016

May 5th, 2016< by Jo --> · 3 Comments

Come on down to the BristolCon Fringe the month for our first ever Crime Special! We are lucky enough to be hosting former BristolCon Guest of Honour Paul Cornell, author of the Shadow Police novels (Who Killed Sherlock Holmes? (Shadow Police) launches in Forbidden Planet in Bristol and that London at the end of the month ), and also Martyn Waites, who also moonlights as Tania Carver (The Lost Girl (Brennan and Esposito) ), so this is one not to be missed!

As always, Fringe events are free and open to all, and take place in the back room of the Shakespeare Tavern on Prince Street (next to the Swing Bridge) from 7.30pm onwards – get there early to get a seat and grab something to eat.

Hope to see lots of you there!

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Mike Carey at Bristol Waterstones – May 18th 2016

May 2nd, 2016< by Jo --> · Comments Off on Mike Carey at Bristol Waterstones – May 18th 2016

I know you’ll be interested in this one. Waterstones in the Galleries, Broadmead will be hosting an evening with Mike Carey, author of The Girl With All The Gifts (currently being filmed!) and Fellside. Mike is a superb author and very entertaining in conversation, and he will be being interviewed at this event by BristolCon’s own Cheryl Morgan, so don’t miss it!

The event is FREE and takes place on Wednesday May 18th at 6.30pm. Please let Waterstones know you’re coming by booking a free ticket via Eventbrite at this link. It’s sure to be busy, so book now!

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GalaXaFreaks – Support this Kickstarter from BristolCon Attending Artist Andrew Pawley

April 22nd, 2016< by Jo --> · 1 Comment

BristolCon attending artist Andrew Pawley is running a Kickstarter for his latest run of his aliens-vs-dark vibes comic GalaXafreaks – check it out here!

Andrew says :

The GalaXafreaks are a bunch of galaxy sized weirdos getting up to hi-jinx! I’ve previously successfully crowdfunded 4 issues of the comic. Each issue is full of individual stories. You can download a free PDF of GalaXafreaks: Original Series No#1 here!

 In the last issue we meet the Darklings. One Darkling in particular is different from all the rest! What has Meeko got to do with the origins of her planet and what is her relationship to the Cosmic Giant Captain Yeah!? In this issue the plot thickens as Captain Yeah! and Meeko start to realise the epic proportions of the Dark Vibe Underlords plans! You can find out more about the GalaXafreaks here.

Check out his fabulous GalaXafreaks art too – and let’s see if we can get Andrew to his third stretch goal before May 1st!

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