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Advertisers Note!

September 18th, 2016< by Roz --> · No Comments

Due to demand for colour ads, we will again be printing the whole programme book in colour. Rates for inner page ads remain as published here. I am extending the deadline for submission of adverts to this Friday, 23rd September, so if you have something you want to promote to our lovely members, get in touch!

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Advertise in the BristolCon Programme Book

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If you would like to see your ad in our programme book at BristolCon 2016, please contact me (Roz) on media[at]bristolcon[dot]org or on twitter @bristolcon within the next 7 days.

We’re also still accepting items for goodie bags – if you have any flyers, bookmarks, promo cards or merchandise you’d like to send us please let us know soon. We need to receive your items by the end of this week if possible.

Outside cover full page (colour) £30 (portrait) [sold subject to image approval]
Inside cover full page (colour) £25 (portrait)
Inside cover half page (colour) £15 (landscape)
Inner page full page (b&w) £15 (portrait)
Inner page half page (b&w) £10 (landscape)
Inner page quarter page (b&w) £7.50 (portrait or banner)

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Programme Participation applications close today

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Just a quick note to let you know that we will be taking down the programme participation form this evening at 9pm. We’re excited to have already received record numbers of applications, and MEG is now faced with the enormous challenge of trying to fit as many people as possible into the right slots! Please bear with us while she wrestles with forms and spreadsheets; we’ll let you know the outcome as soon as we possibly can.

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Time running out to volunteer to participate

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If you would like to take part in the programme at BristolCon this year, there’s still time – but only just! We send a detailed poll to all our potential participants in advance of putting the programme together, to ensure that the panels are a good fit for our members. If you have your membership and would like to be considered for a panel or have an idea for a workshop, please contact MEG on programme[at]bristolcon[dot]org as soon as possible.

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Bristol Sunset Cinema Presents…. Close Encounters and Starship Troopers

August 18th, 2016< by Jo --> · Comments Off on Bristol Sunset Cinema Presents…. Close Encounters and Starship Troopers

The very lovely people at Bristol Sunset Cinema are following up last year’s successful screening of The Princess Bride with a series of screenings across venues in Bristol this summer of a range of classic films.

Tickets are available now for Close Encounters of the Third Kind at Ashton Court at 8pm on September 4th 2016 and you can buy them from this link.

Tickets are also on sale for the following :

Star Trek : First Contact at Millennium Square at 7pm on September 16th

The Lego Movie at Ashton Court at 8pm on September 23rd

Starship Troopers at Ashton Court at 8pm on September 25th

Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves (the Alan Rickman one) at Ashton Court at 8pm on Friday October 14th

The Matrix at Ashton Court at 8pm on Sunday October 16th

These should all be brilliant events – try and get to one or more of them if you can!

You can also follow Bristol Sunset Cinema on Facebook

Or on Twitter – @bristolsunsetcinema

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TWO tables available in BristolCon dealers room 2016

August 3rd, 2016< by Roz --> · Comments Off on TWO tables available in BristolCon dealers room 2016

Two tables have become available in our dealers room for this year’s convention. If you’re interested, please contact Mark on dealers[at]bristolcon[dot]org for more information.

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North By Southwest Authors Longlisted for Years Best Horror Vol 8

August 2nd, 2016< by Jo --> · 1 Comment

I’m very happy to be able to share the news that two stories from North By Southwest, the North Bristol Writers anthology that was partly funded by The BristolCon Foundation, have been longlisted for Ellen Datlow’s Best New Horror Volume 8.

The stories are “House Blood” by Ian Millsted (Silence Rides Alone), and “Latitude” by Pete Sutton (Latitude also appears in Pete’s new short story collection A Tiding of Magpies, and is set in and around Bristol. You can read a review here) They are both super-creepy stories and you should check them out!

Many congratulations to Ian and Pete!

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SFF News – “Class” Filming In Bristol!

July 26th, 2016< by Jo --> · 1 Comment

Bristol, as you all know, used to be home to ghost / werewolf /vampire house-share drama Being Human, before they all moved to That Cardiff… But now SFF TV has returned to Bristol. Last week filming took place in Redcliffe Caves (two minutes walk from the BristolCon hotel) for Class, the Doctor Who spin-off series about the students of Cole Hill School. One of the students is an alien refugee who has been hidden there for safety by a certain Time Lord….

According to our sources the caves were dressed to resemble the famous Lascaux Caves in France, home of the renowned and well-preserved prehistoric cave paintings. So look out for them when they hit the screen!





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Attending Members list published

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BristolCon 2016’s Attending Members list is now up and running here. As noted at the bottom of the page, these are the badge names given to us for those members who have indicated they wish to appear on the website – it isn’t everyone.

The page is updated manually once a month, so it may take up to that long for your details to appear.

Where we have a bio on file for someone from a previous BristolCon, we have linked to it. If you are volunteering to participate in the programme this year, we’ll invite you to give us a bio along with your panel preferences. If you aren’t volunteering but would like us to display a bio for you, or if you urgently want us to update or remove your current one, please contact me at website[at]bristolcon[dot]org.

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Book Launch – The Cracked Amulet by R B Watkinson – The Gryphon, Bristol, July 30th

July 9th, 2016< by Jo --> · 1 Comment

Come and join us for the launch of “The Cracked Amulet” by RB Watkinson , upstairs at the Gryphon on Colston Street on July 30th at 2pm. Wine and snacks will be provided, there will be a short reading, a q and a and a chance to buy BOOKS!

Wefan leaks from the world, and the blood-priests of the oppressive god Murak rise again to bring war to the lands of Dumnon. They search for those with Wealdan in their blood, for it gives them power. They practice horrifying blood-rites on both humans and creatures, they gorge on the blood of innocents, destroy farms and families, towns and cities, conquer swathes of territory and gain new followers. But not all Wealdan-infused blood carries the same intoxicating fuel. The blood-priests seek one above all others.
Against a background of failing states, magik and spirits, Coryn and Katleya lose all they have and must flee all that they know. Coryn, protected by a cracked amulet, must find his sister and fulfill an oath. Katleya has only her wits and her knives to defend herself. She can use her Wealdan only to see the Wefan and is desperate to reach a haven where she can learn to use her power fully. But she is hunted by those who would use her and her Wealdan for terrible purposes of their own.
A story as intricate and as powerful as any Weaving of the Wefan.

R B Watkinson was born in 1960 in the Netherlands of Dutch parents. She now lives on a smallholding in the wilds of west Devon, England. She is married, has raised three children, and wrangles a menagerie of animals. She’s held down many jobs over the years, including editorial secretary for a few well-tamed authors. Her favourite ‘work’, however, is writing.
After gaining a Diploma in Creative Writing at Oxford University in 2011, she embarked on writing epic fantasy. In March 2015, she signed a three book deal with Claret Press, London (, for the epic fantasy trilogy – The Wefan Weaves. She also created the cover art and the interior artwork for her book, including the map of Dumnon.

(Launch Supported by the BristolCon Foundation)

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