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2016 – Other Programming

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All the goings-on that are going to go on in other rooms and at other times. All schedules may be subject to change.

Friday Evening

Time & Location Description
18:45, Programme Room 2 Gaie Sebold and David Gullen give a workshop on how to (and how not to) give a great reading. This session will provide a safe and supportive space for inexperienced readers to get some coaching and encouragement, and will include tips on performance gleaned from France’s experience working with stage actors to improve the skills of even more confident readers. This session promises to be both useful and hilarious!
*We may split this workshop into smaller groups if there are a lot of people interested. Please register your interest by emailing programme[at]bristolcon[dot]org. (You can still turn up if you haven’t registered in advance.)
19:30, Programme Room 2 Bring your reading voice from the workshop and unpack your word horde for an open-mic reading event. Five minutes and bzzzzt! You’re off. Only the best will be allowed back to finish if they run over, so keep it short, unless your confidence is high!



Time & Location Description
09:15, Brick-out Room Open Arms Session – An Introduction to the Convention

If this is your first convention or even if you’re just new to BristolCon, come along to a friendly meet and greet and share a hot beverage with some of the staff, panellists and other punters.

12:00, Art Show I Blame it All on Dan Dare

Presentation from Jim Burns

15:00, Art Show Sleigh Beggies, Black Dogs and Knavish Sprites – Japanese manga and anime creators take inspiration from the folklore and legends of the United Kingdom

Presentation from Sarah Ash

15:00 onwards, Brick-out Room Games for All

A selection of games will be available for people to play as and when they wish to. Below is a provisional timetable for hosted games, which will be led by experienced players who can show you the ropes! Descriptions of the games are given on the Entertainment page.
3 p.m. – Ricochet robots
4 p.m. – Bananagrams + Chrononauts
5 p.m. – Shadow hunters
6 p.m. – Machi Koro
7 p.m. – Betrayal at House on the Hill
7:30 p.m. – Be A Bard with Mhairi Simpson
8:30 p.m. – One Night Werewolf

(The Brick-Out Room will still be available as a social space for people not playing games.)

17:00, Art Show Crowdfunding Comics- An in-depth look at the pros & cons of raising funds and awareness

Presentation from Andrew Pawley

20:00, Programme Room 1 Closing Ceremony including CosPlay competition winner announcement and details of BristolCon 2017
20:30, Programme Room 1 The Quiz

BristolCon wouldn’t be BristolCon without our infamous Quiz! Hosted by Nick Walters.