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Joanne Hall

Joanne Hall is the same age as Star Wars, which explains a lot. She lives in Bristol, England with her partner. She enjoys reading, writing, listening to music, playing console games, watching movies, eating chocolate and playing with the world’s laziest dog. A full-time author since 2003, Joanne’s short stories have appeared in many publications, both print and online, including Afterburn SF, Quantum Muse, and The Harrow. She has had short stories published in several anthologies, including “Pirates of the Cumberland Basin” in Future Bristol, and “Corpse Flight” in Dark Spires, and four novels published by Kristell Ink. Her books have been longlisted for both the Gemmell and the Tiptree awards. With Roz Clarke, she has edited and contributed to ‘Colinthology’, ‘Airship Shape & Bristol Fashion’ and ‘Fight Like A Girl’. Jo says she is always happy to hear from readers, especially the ones that send her cake in the post…
Her blog can be found at, and she’s always happy to hear from readers.


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