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Joanne Hall

Joanne Hall is the same age as Star Wars, which explains a lot…. She lives in Bristol, England with her partner. She enjoys reading, writing, listening to music, playing console games, watching movies, pottering about on her allotment and playing with the world’s laziest dog.

She has recently taken on the position of Acquisitions Editor for Kristell Ink, and is the co-editor, with Roz Clarke, of “Airship Shape and Bristol Fashion”, and “Fight Like A Girl”, which has been shortlisted for the BFS Award for Best Anthology.

Joanne’s latest novel, “The Summer Goddess”, which tells the story of a woman’s battle with a demon-worshipping cult to save her lost nephew, was published by Kristell Ink and shortlisted for the BFS Award for Best Novel. She is currently working on a new flintlock fantasy series.

She sometimes talks about herself in the third person on the internet and is inclined to ramble on about courgettes and greyhounds unless forcibly prevented.


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