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Amunet Launches at BristolCon

October 9th, 2016 · No Comments

BristolCon’s feature booklaunch event in 2016 will feature as much tea and cake as usual, but this time with good reason. This year we’re hosting the launch of Robert’s Harkess’ Amunet, a gritty blend of urban fantasy and steampunk.


Amunet has a unique talent; she can talk to the dead. She has been told all her life that this is the key to rescuing her mother, who has been taken by mysterious and powerful forces. To unlock her mother’s prison, all she has to do is find the Locksmith. Posing as a medium, she scours Europe for the one person who can help her. Harry and his father are investigators, employed by the Church to
hunt down mediums and hand them over to the mercies of the Inquisition. Harry has always believed he, and the Church, were doing the right thing. Until now. Refusing to believe the Church claim that Amunet is evil, Harry risks his own life, and his relationship with his father, to free her from under the eyes of the Church. As Harry loses his heart to Amunet, she guides him on a journey to prevent a terrible evil being set loose in the world.

Amunet is available from good booksellers and convenient booksellers alike, and will of course be on sale at the convention.


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