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May 18th, 2010 · No Comments

The next couple of weeks are going to be busy for Paul Cornell. Firstly there is the Bristol Comics Expo. As the writer taking over Superman, Paul is obviously going to be in big demand. We are therefore very lucky that he has agreed to do a signing at our table at around 17:00 on Saturday (assuming he can escape from the adoring masses attending the DC panel he is doing prior to that). The main thing we expect him to sign will be his Hugo Award nominated graphic novel, Captain Britain and MI13: Vampire State, but he’ll be happy to autograph anything of his you bring along.

The following week we, and Paul, will be glued to the TV: specifically BBC3 at 21:00 on Thursday June 3rd. That’s the screening date for the pilot episode of Paul’s new medical horror drama, Pulse. The BBC will only commission the rest of the series if the pilot gets a good reaction, so Paul needs lots of people watching. We think it will be well worth it, and we are not alone. Here are some reviews from people who have seen previews of the pilot.

And here’s the official BBC page about the programme.

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