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BristolCon and the Refugee Crisis

September 4th, 2015 · No Comments

I’m sure you’ve all seen the terrible pictures of the refugee crisis in Europe, and for anyone who wants to help, BristolCon have a couple of things running.

Once again we will have our popular book swap table in the corridor for people to drop off books they no longer want, and collect ones they might. Last year we donated any books left over at the end to Oxfam, and this year we will be passing on any remaining books, or any books people want to donate, to the Jungle Library at the refugee camp in Calais.

In addition to that, our former GOH and all-round fabulous person Emma Newman will be at BristolCon and you will be able to find her in public spaces crocheting blanket squares. She says anyone who is able to knit or crochet (so that counts Mrs Fumblethumbs here out, but I’ll be providing tea) is welcome to join her for chats about writing, crafting etc, and at the end of the day she will collect up the blanket squares you have made and turn them into blankets to be sent to Calais and beyond.

She talks about it here on her blog in more detail.

Misa Buckley has just said she will be doing the same in the dealers room, so bring your yarn with you. And thank you to Emma and Misa for your kindness and generosity. Hopefully we will end the day with a ton of blanket squares!

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