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“Uninvited” is Coming to BristolCon via the Bristol Bad Film Club!

September 9th, 2014 · No Comments

I’m sure there’s not a person amongst you out there that doesn’t have a sneaking affection for some Truly Terrible Film, be it guilty pleasure or just so-stinkingly-awful-it’s-brilliant. I know I do 😉 So this year BristolCon has joined malevolent forces with the insane genius that is the Bristol Bad Film Club to bring you an evening of entertainment so bad you will need a stiff drink or three just to recover from it.

After the programme ends we will be opening up the ballroom and inviting in the UNINVITED – a cult classic which has one of the best premises ever: a mutated killer cat finds its way on-board a yacht full of criminal businessmen and spring breakers who are just asking for gruesome deaths.

It has everything you want from an 80s horror film – beautiful women, big hair, a villain with an evil moustaches and a killer cat with no mercy!

Need to know more? It also stars George Kennedy (Cool Hand Luke, The Naked Gun) who was clearly aching for a pay check.

Proceeds from the screening are going to Hollyhedge Animal Sanctuary, but your lovely BristolCon committee are making a donation so Bristolcon attendees who are brave or drunk enough to take it on can attend for free. Don’t say we don’t do anything for you… 😉

The Bristol Bad Film Club is renowned for showing phenomenally awful films at various locations around the city and donating the ticket money to local charities, and they’ve raised thousands, so we’re really happy to be able to support them in their good / evil mission. Previous, err, hits have included The Room, Supergirl, Masters of the Universe, Birdemic and Shark Attack III – Megalodon, so that shows you exactly how low the bar is set…

Dare you see… Uninvited?

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