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BristolCon Welcomes… Paul Cornell, Tom Pollock & Adrian Tchaikovsky

January 23rd, 2014 · No Comments

Sign ups for the convention are generally a slow trickle at this time of year, with October being too far away for most people to know what they’ll be doing when summer’s been and gone. But for those of us on the BristolCon team, barring any unforeseen disasters (floods, for example, or plague, or Bristol being invaded by bad-tempered cyclopic aliens who make their homes in the hollowed-out shells of the city’s hotels), we know exactly where we’ll be on October 25th.

A growing number of other people do, too. We would like to welcome all of you to the BristolCon 2014 fold.

Some of the better-known writers to join so far are Paul Cornell, Tom Pollock and Adrian Tchaikovsky. Paul was a Guest of Honour at BristolCon in 2010. He’s known for his TV writing, in these quarters especially his work on Doctor Who, and he’s also a successful writer for comics, and a novelist. He’s a regular panelist on the award-winning podcast SF Squeecast, and we’re proud to have him as part of our regular BristolCon family.

Tom Pollock is an urban fantasy novelist – The Skyscraper Throne series kicked off in 2012 with The City’s Son, which was swiftly followed by The Glass Republic and Our Lady of the Streets. He is an avowed Londonophile, self-confessed book hoover, and knows more than is probably healthy about Very Large Boats. According to his Amazon profile he also dances, and you can find him on Twitter at @tomhpollock – go say hello!

Adrian Tchaikovsky is the pen behind the long-running fantasy series Shadows of the Apt, and he has just been signed to Tor books to produce an SF novel – they’re very excited about it!

Join us and these fabulous authors at the con by signing up here.

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